Welcome to Daytona Beach, FL!

Live from the Halifax Humane Society, enjoy live views of these lovable critters! This open-door animal shelter receives over 25,000 animals annually through city contracts and owner surrenders. Cage capacity can comfortably house approximately 350 animals per day and is usually full.

Please note, the temperature displayed on this page is for the outdoor temperature in Daytona Beach, Florida. The kennels are air conditioned to keep a regulated and safe temperature for the animals. The animalsfeatured on this live feed are taken care of by professional animal caretakers. They are fed 2 meals per day and their kennels are cleaned regularly and on a schedule. Most of these puppies were recently rescued, surrendered or found, so their appearance may be less than desired. If you would like to donate to the shelter, please see the link below.

The Halifax Humane Society exists because of the generosity of their donors. To contribute to the welfare of the animals and their care, please click here to donate.

84 °F
Humidity 66%
Wind 12.7 mph N
Gust 0.0 mph
Visibility 10 miles
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