Welcome to Washington, D.C.!

Check out the view from the highest point in the nation's capital - the Washington Monument. 24/7 views over the National Mall in Washington, DC are delivered in higher resolution than ever by EarthCam’s specially designed 5G camera, embedded in a secret, 3" diameter hole drilled by engineers in 2011 to allow climbers to rappel down the monument to inspect earthquake damage.

To enable millions to peer out through this tiny aperture, EarthCam used custom 3D-printed components and a laser-cut lens to maximize the image quality and provide amazing wide-angle views of Washington DC. To see behind the scenes and watch the manufacture and installation of EarthCam’s camera, click here.

Thanks to EarthCam's partnership with the National Park Service, anyone can experience Washington, D.C., from the top of the Monument.
Clear Skies
72 °F
Humidity 56.8%
Wind 3.4 mph WSW
Gust 0.0 mph
Visibility 10 miles
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