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EarthCam's Award Winning Headquarters Receives LEED Certification


New York, April 23, 2021 -- EarthCam announced today that its headquarters, located in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey has received a LEED Certification for Commercial Interiors under LEED v2009. For almost 25 years, developers, engineers and contractors throughout the world have depended on EarthCam construction cameras to monitor, document and promote their projects. EarthCam pioneers reliable, sustainable remote power solutions and predictive solar power analytics that support alternative energy. The U.S. Green Building Council awards buildings a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification based on a rating system that focuses on the efficiency and sustainability of the building.

EarthCam's headquarters is considered a top 10 LEED-Certified Building in New Jersey, according to a recent article from Commercial Property Executive. EarthCam is part of New Jersey's statewide initiative to reach clean energy goals which "include targets for transportation, grid infrastructure, workforce development and environmental justice, as well as maximizing energy efficiency in buildings." EarthCam also helps industries attain these goals through its jobsite camera technology which documents thousands of construction projects all around the world, promoting efficiency, preventing cost overruns and identifying construction sustainability issues. 

EarthCam shares the goals that the U.S. Green Building Council expresses in their mission statement, being "committed to transforming how our buildings are designed, constructed and operated through LEED, because we believe that every person deserves a better, more sustainable life." LEED is the most widely-used rating system in the world for sustainable buildings. 

EarthCam's campus also recently earned a 2020 Modernism in America Award of Excellence from Docomomo US for the restoration of its corporate headquarters - the first award of its kind ever awarded to a landscape project. The Docomomo jury referenced the campus' landscape architect, James Rose, stating that, "The project repaired and revitalized one of the few surviving works of an important modern landscape pioneer and challenges the popular myth that modernism and environmentalism are at cross purposes."  

EarthCam's award-winning campus reflects its innovative culture and offer's its employees an environment that is now formally recognized for its sustainability and energy efficiency. 


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EarthCam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, it provides live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and 360° reality capture for corporate and government clients. The company leads the industry with the highest resolution imagery available, including the world’s first outdoor gigapixel panorama camera system. This patented technology delivers superior multi-billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving important projects and events across the globe. EarthCam’s all-weather webcams, innovative software and mobile applications enable users to showcase unique views, increase exposure and generate positive public relations. The company is headquartered on a 10-acre LEED-Certified campus in northern New Jersey.

The Webby Award winning company hosts many highly trafficked tourism cams, with views of popular locations and landmarks such as Times Square, Hollywood Boulevard, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Miami Beach, Key West, Bourbon Street, Temple Bar in Dublin, CN Tower, Atlantis the Palm Dubai and Abbey Road Crossing in London.

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