Press Release Delivers New Software Features for its Network Camera Service

Software Now Includes Interactive Social Media Tools to Enhance Public Communication


New York, December 13, 2011 -- EarthCam, the webcam technology experts, today announced a new version of its popular Control Center 7 software for controlling, sharing and managing IP based camera networks. The updated software includes features and upgrades aimed at enhancing the user capabilities and providing tools to easily share the content generated by the camera.

EarthCam's Control Center 7 is a comprehensive webcam Software as a Service (SaaS), targeting applications in the construction, transportation and tourism industries. This innovative, easy-to-use software package allows the user to control their network cameras from any computer or mobile device. Clients can easily view their remote location, archive important images and promote progress. With enhanced accessibility, construction industry professionals are able to analyze jobsite activities, document compliance and easily upload photographs from the construction site into progress reports.

The new Control Center version 7.9 is packed with smart, dynamic tools for viewing a project and sharing it with the public. With social media being such an influential medium in business today, EarthCam is proud to introduce its new social media integration services. Through EarthCam's new offering, clients can take an instant snapshot of their project progress or an important construction milestone and promote it to the public through Facebook and Twitter. DOTs will also benefit from the new services, with the ability to use Twitter to easily blast out information, including traffic camera images and conditions to the public. Additionally users will have the option to choose from several different Facebook templates in order to share their images with the public. Through social media integration, enhanced awareness will be generated about the project, driving interest and traffic to the company website, as well as their social media pages.

EarthCam's Facebook page experiences daily growth, resulting in the largest number of fans for a webcam technology company. EarthCam's marketing team will leverage their fan following in order to promote the client's project progress, milestones and achievements. EarthCam also provides a knowledgeable media services team that will assist clients in promoting their projects through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

"With the addition of enhanced social media and public-facing promotional capabilities in the latest release of Control Center, EarthCam implemented a multitude of improvements in the 'behind the scenes' technology to make sure customers will have what it takes to reach a broader audience", said Bill Sharp, Vice President of Technology. "Significant increases in server performance, massive new image processing capabilities, super low-latency bandwidth and increased system redundancy are just a few of the changes you won't readily see on the surface, but certainly will appreciate when you are promoting your project with rich content on any scale."

The new version of the software offers the ability to watch an instant time-lapse playback of project archives from start-to-end in a large HD 1024x680 window. Clients will also be able to embed the time-lapse player on their company website and YouTube channel to promote progress and share updates with the community.

EarthCam's visual timeline function has also been upgraded, making it easier for users to navigate through their archived images. Clients will be able to effortlessly search through their extensive image library and view archives for a specific month, day or hour. The enhanced search function allows clients to easily identify key images and beauty shots to share with the public, as well.

EarthCam's Control Center 7 is also available as a mobile application for Apple and Android device users, allowing clients to control, view and manage their camera networks on-the-go. Users can even post images from the jobsite with their camera phone and share the information with colleagues in their project notes.

EarthCam is the recognized global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services to business and government agencies. The company, which started in 1996, offers construction webcam technology and services to some of the largest international construction companies and developers in the world. 36 State Departments of Transportation and 80 of the Top 100 construction companies rely on EarthCam's expertise to monitor and document their projects. Projects documented by EarthCam include: Flight 93 National Memorial, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, The Panama Canal Expansion, Smithsonian Institution Restoration, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Madison Square Garden, Hong Kong Disneyland, Los Angeles International Airport, Denver Union Station, George W. Bush Presidential Library, National Institute of Health, The Guggenheim and The Louvre Museum.

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