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EarthCam To Present Live Webcast of the Thanksgiving Parade From Times Square

New 3D BalloonCam Will Make Its Official Debut at the Webcast


New York, November 22, 2011 -- EarthCam, the world's premiere webcam network since 1996, will present a live webcast of the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as it passes through Times Square in New York City. This year, EarthCam will feature a webcam offering visitors a 3D viewing experience. The webcast will begin at approximately 9:30am EST on Thursday, November 24th. This Thanksgiving will mark the 12th consecutive year that EarthCam has webcast the parade.

EarthCam will deliver this famous parade to visitors live in 3D via its interactive website. Viewers will have two ways to view the festive floats and colorful balloons in 3D. The first way will be with the traditional method viewed with glasses where the two lenses are different colors, such as red and blue. The second way will be for those with a 3D television.

Every year, millions of people flock to New York City to experience the parade. Now visitors to EarthCam's website can feel like they are actually standing there along the sidelines. Enjoy multiple views of the parade from several angles, and watch in HD streaming video as Kermit the Frog, Spiderman, Sailor Mickey and many other colossal balloons make their official appearances. The unique location of the special new 3D BalloonCam, perched 50 feet above the street, delivers an eye-level view of the parade balloons as they drift over the crowd. This vantage point is the perfect way to experience the 3D effect. EarthCam's HD streaming cameras also include audio, inviting visitors to listen to the festive music as bands march down 7th Avenue and entertain the crowd.

Following the live event, archives will be available for public viewing. The archived images will feature a variety of views that highlight the best aspects of the parade.

Viewing tips: if you do not have a pair of 3D glasses, they can be made easily from any number of templates found online and with two pieces of colored cellophane. The 3D TV user will need to switch the TV to 3D mode and select side-by-side 3D format (popular brands include Sony, Toshiba and Samsung).

EarthCam is the global leader in webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video and megapixel cameras, along with complete managed services for consumers and corporate clients in more than 1,500 cities throughout all 50 states and 46 countries. The company’s expertise includes developing technology to manage camera networks and delivering millions of images daily to 192 countries. EarthCam holds the expertise and knowledge to offer consumers the ability to view, create and share webcam content at anytime and in any location in the world. EarthCam has maintained a live webcam from Times Square since 1996, including an annual webcast of the New Year's Eve celebrations. Most recently, EarthCam installed 5 webcams on the torch of the Statue of Liberty, providing unprecedented views of Lady Liberty and the surrounding New York Harbor.

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