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EarthCam Announces Top 25 Webcams of 2004

Industry Leader Releases 6th Annual Selection of World's Best Internet Cameras


New York, December 28, 2004 -- EarthCam, the world's favorite webcam network and recognized authority on the internet camera industry, has released its sixth annual list of the world's most interesting webcams.

This year's 25 Most Interesting Webcams include a global perspective of people and places from countries that include the USA, South Africa, Jordan, Germany, Mexico, Hungary, Japan, Monaco, England, and France. These unique live Internet cameras offer viewers access to Beethoven's birthplace, a bird shop in Kookaburra, Texas and Ground Zero in Manhattan. Other selections invite you to tour Austria via 35 scenic cameras to witness the gorgeous mountain views and sparkling cities of Linz and Steyr or even peer into a German man's home to monitor the daily activities of his pet rats.

"Since 1993, the variety, magnitude and quality of live cameras broadcasting over the web has increased significantly," said Brian Cury, founder and CEO of EarthCam. "Live webcams are a global phenomenon reaching millions of people every day and they are continuing to find new business opportunities for education, entertainment and tourism marketing. Recognizing and awarding the producers of this compelling content is a key mission of our company and this year's list of the 25 Most Interesting Webcams is our best to date."

The 25 Most Interesting Webcams were chosen by a panel of EarthCam producers who selected the best out of hundreds of popular webcam nominees. Generated by submissions from individual webcam owners, fans and EarthCam researchers throughout the year, many of the nominees were featured in EarthCam's weekly Top 10 List. The criteria used for judging included quality of the image, uniqueness of the content and overall technical achievements in webcam technology.

Top 25 Most Interesting Webcams (in alphabetical order):

  • Africa Webcams - Visit a watering hole in the Tembe Elephant Park where you can expect to see giraffe and the biggest elephants in the world.
  • Alek's Holiday Lights Webcam - View and control the lights at Alek's home in Colorado.
  • Amman City Cams - Jordan Telecome provides fast updating cameras showing views of Jamal Abdel Nasser Square, Abdoun, downtown Amman, Jordan.
  • Beethoven Haus Webcam - See the birthplace of Ludwin van Beethoven in the musical city of Bonn, Germany.
  • Buddha Webcam - Panorama of the Swabian Alb (Schwäbische Alb) showing a statue of Buddha, viewed from Reutlingen, South Germany.
  • Cancun Beach Cams - See 5 views of the white sandy beaches, sapphire blue ocean and crystal clear pools from the Royal Resorts in Cancun, Mexico.
  • Debrecen Webcam - Streaming, remote-controllable webcam overlooking Kossuth Square in Debrecen, Hungary.
  • Elephant Seal RadioCam - Rare view of the Elephant Seal rookery in Central California brought to you by California State University Monterey Bay.
  • Foil Ball Cam - Watch an ongoing project to make a giant aluminum foil ball.
  • Fort Myers Beach Web Cam - Live streaming, panoramic video of Fort Myers Beach, Florida from high atop the DiamondHead Beach Resort.
  • Glücksburg Webcam - View the Glücksburg Wasserschloss, a Baltic Sea therapeutic bath castle and origin of most European royal families.
  • Ground Zero Cam - Live and time-lapsed images of the redevelopment area at the World Trade Center disaster site in lower Manhattan.
  • Kanagawa Live Cameras - A collection of remote-controllable views of the Enoshima Aquarium, Minato Mirai 21 (MM21), Enoshima, Yokohama Chinatown, and Mt. Fuji from Kanagawa, Japan.
  • Kookaburra Bird Shop - Streaming video of the parrot play area inside the Kookaburra Bird Shop in Carrollton, Texas.
  • Kudamm Live - See the brilliant, colorful lights of Berlin, Germany's City Center, in streaming video.
  • Notari Monaco Webcam - Live views of the shining and elegant Monaco harbor and the Condamine and Monte-Carlo districts.
  • Oberösterreich (Upper Austria) Webcams - Experience the blue skies and glistening snow of winter in Upper Austria including views of the sparkling cities of Linz and Steyr from 35 cameras.
  • Pet Rat Cam - Two webcams monitor the daily activities of a German man's pet rats.
  • Sleepy Chinchilla - A fun look at a family of Chinchillas from Bristol, UK including streaming video, movies, time-lapses, 3-D photos and more.
  • Suncam.TV - Live webcasting from a car as it travels around South Florida.
  • The First Antarctica Penguin Webcam - Observe a colony of Gentoo penguins from the O'Higgins German Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • This Old House Webcams - Behind-the-scenes coverage of the current This Old House project capturing the action after the television cameras stop rolling.
  • Visit PA - See the fall foliage across Pennsylvania or check the ski conditions at local ski resorts or spy an elk on the Elk Cam.
  • Wanadoo Paris Webcam - Enjoy views of the best tourist locations in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Notre Dame and the Panthéon.

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