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Halloween History
EarthCam: Vegas Wedding
Witness the transformation of the Chapel from traditional weddings to spectacular themed weddings, complete with theatrical lighting and smoke effects, sets, and costumed characters.
BBC Ghost Cam
Based at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly, South East Wales, the Ghostcam updates every five minutes between 5pm and 3am local time daily.
Halloween Decorations and Lights
Watch and control Halloween decorations and lights.
Haunted Radio in Cambridgeshire
have been many tales about the haunted studio at Radio Cambridgeshire! Some presenters have heard strange voices, some have seen apparitions.
The Haunted Library
Now TWO ghost cams... one inside Willard Library and one in the Children's room, where the "Grey Lady Ghost" has been known to appear in Evansville, Indiana.
Lexington Ghost Cam
Is The USS Lexington, a vintage wartime aircraft carrier, Haunted? See for yourself...
Haunted Hospital Webcam
Keep an eye out for any paranormal or otherwise unexplainable activity at this haunted hospital.
Ghost and Legends of the Queens Mary
For years, paranormal experts have believed that the Queen Mary is haunted. Passengers and crew members alike have reported numerous eerie sightings. See for yourself.
The Old Courthouse Catacomb
The recent apparition sightings were of women wearing long dresses or clothing from the 1800's.
Ireland's Eye Ghost Watch
Try to see the ghost of the young lady who walks in an old Belfast linen mill in Ireland.
Halloween Bourbo Cam
Halloween night: Party with Cory and friends as they talk with costumed vampires, cute kittens, faires, Santas, Satans and much more!
Halloween Party Cam
Webmistress of the Dark's Halloween 2003 party on October 25, 2003.
Essex Cam
For as long as anyone can remember the attic at the BBC Essex radio studios has, apparently, been haunted by the ghost of a woman.

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