NEW YORK - EarthCam (, experts in webcasting and the leading source of webcams, presents its third annual Halloween webcast from Greenwich Village. EarthCam is the official webcaster of the notoriously outrageous Greenwich Village Parade on Sunday, October 31 from 6PM - 1AM and will broadcast undead bizarre images with haunting audio from Jekyll & Hyde restaurant on

Sponsored by Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, EarthCam will capture one of the nation's wildest and most creative events via live streams and an additional three live webcams, allowing people around the world to share in this original New York experience.

"EarthCam is proud to present this unique Halloween webcast. Through our core technology, we are giving our vast audience the opportunity to share in one of the most colorful and creative events in the world," said Brian Cury, president and ceo of EarthCam. "For this occasion, EarthCam will offer streaming video and audio available from 28.8K to 100K broadband; footage from three live webcams in strategic positions, featuring live, uncut video of the Halloween parade; as well as an interactive contest for the best costume."

In addition to the webcast, EarthCam will take digital pictures of costumed partygoers. Participants will then receive an identification number, enabling them to later view their pictures on the EarthCam website. Users can also email their EarthCam picture "ghostcards" directly to friends and family.

The EarthCam website also provides links to live "haunted webcams," which include live camera images from locations around the world that are considered haunted. Examples of these haunted sites are the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, where the "Grey Lady Ghost" has been tossing books at patrons for years, and Ireland's Eye, where witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of the young lady who walks in an old Belfast linen mill.

EarthCam is the leading provider of live images on the Internet. With current page views over 50 million per month and growing, EarthCam has an expanding network of webcams that broadcast exciting and unique live events. EarthCam also creates webcam solutions for the most recognized brands and sites in the world. These strategic partners include the top Internet portals: Yahoo!, Lycos and MSN. Additional webcam clients include Bristol Myers/Squibb, General Motors, Continental Airlines, New York Post, Intel, Seventh on Sixth Fashion Week, Columbia TriStar Interactive, CBS, FOX, Tony Awards, Goodwill Games, NASCAR and Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII for the NFL.

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