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EarthCam’s New App Turns the iPhone Into a Powerful Jobsite Documentation Tool


New York, August 26, 2015 -- EarthCam, the leader in construction camera technology, launched Site Map Cam today, a new app that helps users document conditions and track progress by attaching photos to construction site plans, all from an iPhone or iPad.

After a construction project is finished and the infrastructure is concealed behind the walls, it’s difficult to check if everything was completed according to the specifications. If a mechanical, electrical or plumbing issue arises years later, tracing back to the source can be invasive, expensive and inconvenient. EarthCam has come up with a solution for this problem with Site Map Cam, an app that helps users keep track of all phases of construction through photographs, creating a visual documentation tool that is as easy to use as Instagram.

Site Map Cam delivers professional results quickly by utilizing the iPhone’s powerful GPS technology and HD camera. Simply email or take a photo of any site plan and align the plan image to the app’s integrated map. The photos taken are then geo-tagged to the physical location on the jobsite and users can add notes via text or voice command. As construction progresses and updated pictures are taken to capture milestones, the new images are positioned using a unique double exposure tool to accurately align and overlay the previous ones. This allows users to instantly analyze changes and compare details.

Project teams can search through their captured jobsite photos using keywords or hashtags, share important observations with colleagues and promote milestones to the public using the built-in social media tools.

Upon completion, the valuable library of photos will serve as a historic document to pinpoint structural, MEP and safety systems. Maintenance teams can rely on this trustworthy resource for future expansion, service calls and building repairs.

Site Map Cam’s capabilities extend beyond the construction industry. Users in the tourism, forensics, retail, entertainment and real estate industries will also find value in organizing photos geo-tagged to a specific location and sharing visual information.

To learn more and download a free version of Site Map Cam, click here or visit The Android version will be available on Google Play in October 2015.


EarthCam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and photography documentation for corporate and government clients in major cities around the world. EarthCam leads the industry with the highest resolution cameras available, including the world’s first outdoor gigapixel panorama camera system. This patent-pending technology delivers superior billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving important projects and events across the globe. In 2014, EarthCam documented $151 billion of construction projects. The company is headquartered in Northern New Jersey and has 12 additional offices worldwide.

Projects documented by EarthCam include: 9/11 Memorial Museum, Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Barclays Center, Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument Restorations, New NY Bridge, LaGuardia Airport, The Kingdom Tower, Panama Canal Expansion, Smithsonian Institution Restoration, Brickell City Centre, Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium, San Diego New Central Library, Qatar Rail, Whitney Museum of American Art, Louvre in Abu Dhabi, Levi’s Stadium and National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

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