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EarthCam Introduces The World's First Outdoor Gigapixel Construction Camera

Automated Robotic System Produces Over 1 Billion Pixel Panoramas


New York, June 14, 2012 -- Think all construction cameras are the same? Think again. EarthCam debuted the world's first outdoor gigapixel camera. The groundbreaking GigapixelCam is the ultimate in documentation photography, generating impressive billion pixel panoramas. Featured prominently on the new and improved website, clients will learn why this system is a must for many construction, transportation and entertainment projects.

The system is programmed to automatically capture up to one hundred images and automatically stitch together a scenic 360° panorama. Other features include:

· Live video, user-controllable pan/tilt/zoom controls and snapshot on-demand
· Impressive cinematic-quality time-lapse movies
· HDR imagery, on-board backup storage and access to exposure controls
· Environmental enclosure with wiper ensures reliable operation in all weather conditions

"EarthCam has broken through the megapixel barrier of imaging with this revolutionary webcam technology", said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “Currently, the highest quality webcams are measured in megapixels where 10, 12 or 14 megapixels are considered the best in the industry. The GigapixelCam is truly unique because of its ability to zoom in and take 16 megapixel snapshots of very detailed areas and then stitch them together into a mosaic which, when viewed in its entirety, looks like one unified image. The real differentiator is when you digitally zoom in to examine the picture detail, you are looking at an extremely high resolution picture, not a pixelated rendering.”

In addition to the new GigapixelCam, EarthCam is also introducing some innovative features, which will accelerate the operational effectiveness of their construction camera solutions. Engineered specifically for their line of robotic megapixel cameras, including the new camera, is a special geo-pointing system. This smart, reliable feature allows the client to precisely direct the camera at any desired point by entering GPS coordinates. The super-fast and accurate webcam base ensures consistent positioning necessary for detailing critical areas of jobsites and creating time-lapse movies.

These industry-changing products and services are featured on the new site. An entire section is completely dedicated to EarthCam's marketing services, offering everything from social media integration, broadcast media promotion and public website development. covers all the bases in terms of effectively marketing a client's project or location to the public. With social media being such a powerful medium in today's business world, the ability to integrate information into networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, has become a top request from industry clients.

EarthCam is the recognized global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services to business and government agencies. The company, which started in 1996, offers construction webcam technology and services to some of the largest international construction companies and developers in the world. 36 State Departments of Transportation and 80 of the Top 100 construction companies rely on EarthCam's expertise to monitor and document their projects. Projects documented by EarthCam include: Flight 93 National Memorial, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, Panama Canal Expansion, Smithsonian Institution Restoration, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Madison Square Garden, Hong Kong Disneyland, Los Angeles International Airport, Denver Union Station, George W. Bush Presidential Center, National Institute of Health, Whitney Museum of American Art, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Guggenheim and Louvre.

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