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The Golden Gate Bridges Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

EarthCam Delivers Exclusive Views of this Iconic West Coast Landmark


New York, May 23, 2012 -- Acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful bridges, The Golden Gate Bridge will be celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday, May 27th. Known for its beautiful design and namesake “golden” color, an estimated 9 million people from around the world visit the famous bridge every year. Visit EarthCam's live streaming webcam and it's easy to see why!

The 75th anniversary public celebration will be taking place on May 27th, spanning the waterfront from Fort Point to Pier 39. The festival will offer thousands of people the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the bridge, learn about its rich history and enjoy various performances and exhibits. EarthCam invites people around the world to join in this massive celebration by visiting their webcam, located at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. This streaming camera offers the perfect vantage point for watching all the fun and excitement. Capping off the festivities will be a breathtaking fireworks display that will light up the sky over the Golden Gate Bridge.

In addition, EarthCam has provided construction webcam technology to monitor, document and promote roadway construction for the Presidio Parkway, the main roadway leading motorists to the bridge. EarthCam's HD webcams at the work zone not only capture what's happening on the ground from several unique angles, but also feature a spectacular view of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Once the celebration has ended, EarthCam will continue to deliver exclusive views of this notable landmark 24/7. People around the world can enjoy the views from the webcam whenever they like.

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