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EarthCam Webcasts Exclusive Views of John Lennon Imagine Peace Tower


New York, October 6, 2011 -- EarthCam, the world's premiere webcam network since 1996, announced that, starting October 9th, it will be webcasting unmatched views of the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland. This tower was commissioned to commemorate the life of John Lennon, who would have celebrated his 71st birthday on October 9th.

The Imagine Peace Tower, an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko Ono, is a tower of light that is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. This tall beacon of light symbolizes their combined efforts for achieving world peace and emanates wisdom, healing and joy. This beautiful tower is visible every year from October 9th, John's birthday, until December 8th, which this year marks the 31st anniversary of his death.

"Of the thousands of webcams we've produced, this is one of my personal favorites”, said Brian Cury, CEO & Founder of EarthCam. “We are honored to provide our technology for over 3 years, allowing people from all over the world to travel virtually to Iceland and enjoy this beautiful tribute."

EarthCam will utilize its powerful MegapixelCam Advanced system to deliver views of this unique work of art to the world. This system is perfectly suited for the harsh environment encountered in Iceland. The heavy-duty enclosure includes a heater and wiper to withstand the cold winters, which bring ice, blizzards and high winds. Through it all, EarthCam delivers a live view of the brilliant tower and crisp high definition images that capture the stunning Northern Lights, whose magnificent display of colors light up the sky.

The continually-changing weather and atmospheric conditions of Reykjavik are a real technical dilemma for a live camera. Major programming was necessary by EarthCam's team of engineers to get the camera to adapt to the constant lighting and atmospheric adjustments. During the day, the camera's auto exposure with a shutter speed of as little as 1/1000 of a second works just fine most days. However, as you head into dusk, that exposure must adjust and lengthen depending on natural light and weather conditions. The program adjusts constantly for any lighting and weather issues, opening the aperture for a single exposure for as long as 30 seconds presenting crystal clear images, yet ensuring the images never get over-exposed.

EarthCam is the global leader in webcam content, technology and software. EarthCam provides live streaming video and megapixel cameras, along with complete managed services for consumers and corporate clients in more than 1,500 cities and 46 countries around the world. The company’s expertise includes developing technology to manage camera networks and delivering millions of images daily to over 192 countries. EarthCam holds the expertise and knowledge to offer consumers the ability to view, create and share webcam content. Popular webcam locations include Times Square, The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, Florida Marlins Stadium, Madison Square Garden and the Famous Crossing for Abbey Road Studios.

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