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EarthCam Delivers 288 Megapixel Panorama Camera

New Time-Lapse MegapixelCam is the Ultimate in Jobsite Documentation


New York, January 20, 2011 --, the professional webcam technology experts, today reinvented remote jobsite monitoring and documentation with the introduction of the new MegapixelCam Robotic. The world's first and only programmable outdoor robotic camera delivering streaming video and professional quality multi-layered photography.

EarthCam's MegapixelCam Robotic system generates remarkable 29376 x 9792 pixel multi-level, auto-stitched 360º panoramas. Systematically archiving individual preset angles is easily scheduled and viewable from any compatible Internet browser. This unique camera seamlessly monitors complex construction projects while creating powerful, continuous project documentation. EarthCam's image tiling system is highly-efficient, allowing fast access to content which dynamically increases to maximum resolution as you zoom in and navigate your layered imagery. This progressive technology conserves valuable network resources and allows you to quickly view your images from your desktop or even on tablets and mobile devices in the field.

This exclusive on-site rugged camera system allows users to receive cinematic time-lapse movies from unlimited angles plus awe-inspiring widescreen panoramas. EarthCam's post-processing technology, cutting-edge hardware and advanced software produce stable and jitter-free time-lapse content unrivaled in the industry.

"The MegapixelCam Robotic, packed with seven years of EarthCam R&D, is our most evolved example of sophisticated webcam communication and remote management of projects," said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. "This camera targets a growing marketplace--both domestic and international--for customers seeking superior documentation and theatrical quality time-lapse movies," Cury added.

Designed for the most challenging jobsites, the new MegapixelCam Robotic combines a compact, lower-profile design with a hyper-accurate Pan/Tilt mechanism to increase precision throughout its full range of motion. Housed in a thermostatically regulated, corrosion-resistant black enclosure, this is the only system of its type to offer a maintenance-free wiper and washer system to ensure clear images consistently over long periods of time. An industrial solid state embedded Linux OS platform with an ultra-efficient ARM9 CPU offers superior reliability, low power consumption and bullet-proof 16 GB on-board backup storage in the event of a communication loss. EarthCam's next-generation, smart self-healing and auto-recovery technology works to make system outages a thing of the past. Rounding out the package is a live streaming video preview, photo-on-demand capability and an exceptional 12x optical zoom for the best available clarity.

The camera system is powered by EarthCam's Control Center 7 comprehensive webcam management service, providing hosted infrastructure to securely archive and distribute the sizable image, weather and project data; no additional IT services are necessary. It's the sole system that delivers a user controllable SaaS (Software as a Service) interface so clients can view, record and then share multiple preset angles from their jobsite cameras remotely. Each EarthCam camera can be customized with solar and wireless options, including transmitting over new fast 4G wireless networks. EarthCam offers installation services worldwide and meets requirements for projects of almost any length and budget.

EarthCam is the global leader in webcam technology and managed services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides over 300 products for clients in more than 1,500 cities and 46 countries worldwide. The company’s expertise delivers millions of images daily to over 192 countries and 80 of the top 100 construction companies enabling them to view, document and promote their projects. EarthCam is the industry pacesetter for international business and government customers such as Bechtel, Turner Construction, Skanska USA, Kiewit Corporation, Jacobs, PCL and Balfour Beatty. Government clients include 32 state departments of transportation, the Canadian Transportation Ministries, NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and the GSA (Schedule #GS-35F-0719P).

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