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EarthCam Time-Lapse Movie Listed Among Expanded Features in Transformers DVD

Solar Powered DesertCam Delivered HD Images for Unique Look Behind-the-Scenes of summer’s Biggest Blockbuster


New York, October 28, 2009 -- EarthCam (, the leader in webcam technology, today announced that its time-lapse footage of the Egyptian location set construction activities is an integral part of the newly released DVD and Blu-ray version of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

The EarthCam time-lapse movie tracks the adventure spectacular production in White Sands, New Mexico from set construction to explosive final scenes.

The time-lapse movie was captured by a new wireless, solar powered "DesertCam" custom engineered by EarthCam for monitoring and archiving images under extraordinary conditions. The webcam, used by director Michael Bay for remote 24/7 visual access and live staff collaboration, was built to withstand wind-blown sand, extreme fluctuating desert temperatures and the concussions of special effects.

The DesertCam required a new stand-alone modular design for quick installation and re-location on the set. The electronics and housing were built to meet demands of temperature extremes, independent power and constant web communications in the isolated environment. An automated maintenance system insured reliable performance.

"The EarthCam time-lapse movie gives fans an impressive and entertaining behind-the-scenes look at our set construction for the Egyptian battle sequence," Bay said. "Six months of preparation and work under challenging conditions move by seamlessly in an exciting 30 seconds. I am really happy we made EarthCam a part of this project," Bay added.

"Our new solar powered DesertCam took full advantage of the New Mexico location sunshine for energy and withstood the heat, wind-driven sand and temperature shifts flawlessly," said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. "The exclusive EarthCam system delivered long term time-lapse movie capability not possible in standard time-lapse cameras. The technology enabled the creation of our edited version of the 100’s of hours of HD image archives delivering a fast-paced look at the detail and effort it took to build the massive sets for the desert sequence," Cury added.

The disc version of the # 1 movie of the year in North America and worldwide is currently being distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

EarthCam's professional megapixel system provided high definition, color images with digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom, enabling examination of the smallest set details. The HD images were archived around the clock, providing the production staff with instant access to the highest quality digital photographs and time-lapse videos.

EarthCam is recognized internationally as the leader in complete infrastructure services to manage, host and maintain live streaming public and private, password-protected network camera systems delivering millions of images daily. The company’s more than 13 years of experience includes developing products and software to maintain thousands of applications for business, industry, federal, state and local government. Besides Paramount Pictures, film industry clients include New Line Cinema and Walt Disney Pictures where EarthCam provided monitoring and time-lapse documentation of Pirates of the Caribbean for both “At World’s End” and “Dead Man’s Chest.” Other clients include: Clear Channel Communications, Public Broadcasting System (PBS.), ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN, MTV, Major League Baseball, NFL, This Old House, Coca-Cola, Sprint, Volkswagen, GE, Yahoo! and 28 state departments of transportation including Caltrans, Virginia DOT, New Jersey DOT and the Canadian Ministry of Transportation, as well as NASA.

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