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EarthCam Releases New Version of Its Webcam Software for Businesses

Control Center Software v3.5 Includes New Tools for IP Camera Management


New York, March 25, 2003 -- a, Arial">EarthCam (, the leader in providing webcam software, technology and managed solutions, is pleased to announce the release of version 3.5 of its Control Center Software. This new software includes an expanded report generating system and new server side tools for companies to manage their webcam networks.

EarthCam's proprietary Control Center Software helps users to manage, via the Internet, the high quality video streams produced by their IP based camera systems. Utilizing any standard Internet browser, users can log into their Control Center through (, an ASP website dedicated solely to providing professional level webcam software and technology to businesses. The Control Center provides users with the ability to easily and cost effectively manage all aspects of any Internet camera network from panning, tilting and zooming to video archival recording.

"We have released version 3.5 of our Control Center Software in a continued effort to succeed in our goal of offering the highest quality webcam technology for our clients," said Brian Cury, founder and CEO of EarthCam. "This new software, coupled with one of our leading edge webcam systems, will allow us to enhance our position as leaders in the growing webcam software and managed solutions industry."

EarthCam's latest version of the Control Center Software includes new features, as well as administrative tools to further assist corporations and government agencies with their project management. Through the use of an expanded reporting system, administrators now have the ability to view a detailed user history for their camera including the time and date of the user's session, the duration of time they spent on the camera and the IP address of the computer system they were using when they accessed the camera. Enhanced server side programming has also been added to help self-heal and maintain each system's uptime. Additionally, clients can set a camera sequence. This allows a user to record a 30 second camera movement and then playback the exact movement sequence in a continuous loop.

The Control Center Software is webcam technology and management software deliverable as an online service and accessible by any browser. By delivering this application over the web, EarthCam is able to include with the Control Center Software its proprietary maintenance infrastructure that provides a complete solution to monitor, serve and maintain video content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet. The maintenance infrastructure includes EarthCam's proprietary image monitoring management program, emergency pager and e-mail notification to EarthCam technical support staff, and "self-healing" and corrective programming that is remotely applied to all systems. The around the clock communication between the Control Center Software and the EarthCam server farm has allowed EarthCam to customize the software, as an added feature set, with the real-time date, time, local weather at the location where the camera resides, as well as with a chat room to interact with other users.

High-resolution screenshots of EarthCam's Control Center 3.5 are available for printing at

EarthCam is the recognized leader in providing live streaming video webcam software and technology solutions to businesses. Commencing in 1996, EarthCam began developing the proprietary software, network infrastructure and technical expertise that now allows it to deliver millions of live images to thousands of users each day. EarthCam provides complete infrastructure services to manage, host and maintain live streaming video camera systems for its corporate clients. Clients include Kodak, Panasonic, Ford, Turner Construction, the Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, United Forming, Lockheed Martin, New York City Department of Transportation, City of Chicago, AOL/Time Warner, Verizon, Motorola and Toys "R" Us. As the foremost provider of live images on the Internet, EarthCam webcasts events such as the Daytona 500, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve in Times Square and the Super Bowl for the NFL. is EarthCam's full-service e-commerce site dedicated solely to providing webcam solutions. Visit EarthCam at


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