HGTV's Ghost Cam
See if you can spot the spirit of a South Carolina mansion owner, who's still reputed to roam the rooms of this rambling 200-year-old home. 30 second updates.
Ordsall Hall Ghost Cam
An inside view of the haunted Great Hall at Ordsall Hall, a Tudor Manor House in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. 60 second updates.
Lexington Ghost Cam
Is The USS Lexington, a vintage wartime aircraft carrier, Haunted? See for yourself...
Haunted Valley WebCam
Watch for the UFO's, earthlights and other paranormal phenomena of Longdendale, one of the UK's window areas for unexplained sightings.
The Haunted Library
Now TWO ghost cams... one inside Willard Library and one in the Children's room, where the "Grey Lady Ghost" has been known to appear in Evansville, Indiana.
Handwriting on the Wall
Watch for mysterious, haunting handwriting on wall of a building built on the site of Portland, Oregon's first cemetery.
Fantasy Fest 2000
Live web cam coverage of Fantasy Fest 2000 from Key West, Florida.
Haunted New Orleans
Live webcast of Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club's 12th Annual Gathering of the Coven, also known as the Coven Ball, on Friday, Oct. 27, 2000.
The Beast
Streaming video feeds inside The Beast, America's largest haunted house, located in Kansas City, Missouri.
Ireland's Eye Ghost Watch
Try to see the ghost of the young lady who walks in an old Belfast linen mill in Ireland. 30 second updates.
Kennebunkport Halloween WebCam
Starting about dark (5 PM eastern time) on October 31st, the WebCam will scan the skies of Kennebunkport, Maine for the unnatural all night long, who knows what you might see!

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