Digi-Key Electronics^%^articles/Digi_Key_100819.pdf^%^Digi_Key_Logo_2.jpg^%^1570507200^%^The excellent Android columnist, JR Raphael of Computer World, highlights 20 possible uses or projects for old devices you may have hiding away in a drawer somewhere.~Newsweek^%^articles/Newsweek_092619.pdf^%^Newsweek_Logo.jpg^%^1569470400^%^Today marks the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles album Abbey Road. ~Charlotte County Florida Weekly^%^articles/Florida_Weekly_091919.pdf^%^Florida_Weekly_Logo_3.jpg^%^1568865600^%^Bahamian pets need adoption following Hurricane Dorian~Sun Englewood^%^articles/Sun_Englewood_091219.pdf^%^Sun_Englewood_Logo.jpg^%^1568260800^%^ENGLEWOOD -- Thinking about going to Englewood Beach?~News Center Maine^%^articles/News_Center_Maine_091019.pdf^%^News_Center_Maine_Logo_3.jpg^%^1568088000^%^PORTLAND, Maine -- Peaks Island is normally just a 17-minute ferry ride away from Portland's Old Port.~Popular Mechanics^%^articles/Popular_Mechanics_082119.pdf^%^Popular_Mechanics_Logo_3.jpg^%^1566360000^%^FogCam, the world's longest running webcam, will be shut off at the end of August its creators, Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong, announced on Twitter.~Curbed Chicago^%^articles/Curbed_Chicago_082019.pdf^%^Curbed_Chicago.jpg^%^1566273600^%^Construction on Streeterville's One Bennett Park skyscraper took nearly three years to complete. ~AL.com^%^articles/AL_com_081019.pdf^%^AL_com_Logo.jpg^%^1565409600^%^Want to watch the construction progress on Birmingham's new stadium? There's a live camera feed available.~The Classic Bands^%^articles/Best_Classic_Bands_081819.pdf^%^Best_Classic_Bands_Logo_2.jpg^%^1565236800^%^Beatles fans arrived in droves on Thursday, August 8, to the Abbey Road crosswalk in the St. John's Wood neighborhood of London. ~CTV News^%^articles/CTV_News_080819.pdf^%^CTV_News_Channel_Logo.jpg^%^1565236800^%^It was 50 years ago today when the biggest band in the world were snapped walking across a zebra crossing on a quiet London street.~Duke Today^%^articles/Duke_Today_080619.pdf^%^Duke_Today_Logo.jpg^%^1565064000^%^Why did The Beatles cross the road 50 years ago? Abbey Road, to be exact?~Construction Junkie^%^articles/Construction_Junkie_080519.pdf^%^Construction_Junkie_Logo_3.jpg^%^1564977600^%^Construction Management software company, Procore, initially launched their annual technology conference, Groundbreak, back in 2015.~New York Yimby ^%^articles/New_York_Yimby_082519.pdf^%^New_York_Yimby_Logo_2.jpg^%^1564027200^%^Construction is moving along on the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center.~GMA News Online^%^articles/GMA_News_071719.pdf^%^GMA_News_Logo_2.jpg^%^1563336000^%^There's something inexplicably enticing about being a tourist without leaving the comfort of your home.~AJC News^%^articles/AJC_News_071719.pdf^%^AJC_Logo_2.jpg^%^1563336000^%^You've always wanted to get up early, pack a breakfast and watch the sunrise over Atlanta and Centennial Olympic Park. ~Patch^%^articles/Patch_071619.pdf^%^Patch_Logo.jpg^%^1563249600^%^ATLANTA -- EarthCam has added Atlanta to its live webcam network with new 4K streaming views from downtown.~Curbed Atlanta ^%^articles/Curbed_Atlanta_071619.pdf^%^Curbed_Atlanta_Logo_3.jpg^%^1563249600^%^There's something inexplicably enticing about being a tourist without leaving the comfort of your home.~Patch^%^articles/Patch_071119.pdf^%^Patch_Logo.jpg^%^1562817600^%^NEW LONDON, CT--Right in time for SailFest and the weekend's fireworks, the New London Maritime Society went live with 'Harborcam.'~Archinect News^%^articles/Archinect_071119.pdf^%^Architect_News_Logo_2.jpg^%^1562817600^%^Imagine bringing the feeling of summer indoors.~AM New York^%^articles/AM_NY_071019.pdf^%^amny-logo_2.jpg^%^1562731200^%^The U.S. Women's National Team are the 2019 World Cup champions, and New Yorkers ready to celebrate. ~Curbed New York^%^articles/Curbed_New_York_071019.pdf^%^Curbed_New_York_Logo_3.jpg^%^1562731200^%^In less than 24 hours, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team--this year's Women's World Cup champions--will take to the streets of New York City for a ticker-tape parade.~Metro ^%^articles/Metro_070919.pdf^%^Metro_Logo_2.jpg^%^1562644800^%^The USWNT ticker-tape parade in New York City will be huge. ~Gothamist^%^articles/Gothamist_070919_2.pdf^%^gothamist_Logo_4.jpg^%^1562644800^%^The U.S. Women's National Team is getting its second ticker tape parade on Wednesday, after their second World Cup championship.~The18^%^articles/18.com_070919.pdf^%^The_18.com_Logo.jpg^%^1562644800^%^There's perhaps no greater testament to the strength, drive, togetherness and badassery of the USWNT than the whirlwind tour they've been on since Sunday night.~Bustle^%^articles/Bustle_070519_2.pdf^%^Bustle_logo_2.jpg^%^1562299200^%^The biggest fireworks show of the year is nearly here -- the 43rd Annual Macy's 4th Of July Fireworks -- and it's always the best way to end the summer holiday~OK Whatever^%^articles/Ok_Whatever_07_05_19.pdf^%^Ok_Whatever_Read_Weirder_4.jpg^%^1562299200^%^Madelyn Roehrig is standing in front of Andy Warhol's grave holding a black accordion folder as I walk up the grassy hill from my car to meet her.~News Talk Florida^%^articles/News_Talk_Florida_070419_2.pdf^%^News_Talk_Florida_Logo_2.jpg^%^1562212800^%^If you can't make it to the fireworks show in your town no problem we can help you with info on two major celebrations. One in Washington and the other in New York City.~Gizmodo^%^articles/Gizmodo_070319.pdf^%^Gizmodo_Logo_5.jpg^%^1562126400^%^For thousands of people in Chile yesterday, the Moon passed directly between Earth and the Sun, casting a day-blotting shadow just prior to the real dusk. ~Dwell^%^articles/Dwell_070319.pdf^%^Dwell_Logo.jpg^%^1562126400^%^The National Building Museum in Washington, DC, is literally rolling out the green carpet for Lawn--a brand new installation that, according to their website, will "allow guests to unwind with quintessential summer activities while connecting to the design of the museum."~Pilot Tribune^%^articles/Pilot_Tribune_070319.pdf^%^Pilot_Tribune_Logo.jpg^%^1562126400^%^Construction is underway on the Greehey Student Success Center on the Iowa Central Community College campus.~TV Guide^%^articles/TV_Guide_070219.pdf^%^TV_Guide_Logo_3.jpg^%^1562040000^%^Independence Day is almost here, which means millions of dads across the country are already itching to break out those red, white, and blue koozies, throw a few hot dogs on the grill, and impress all the neighborhood kids with how quickly they can scuttle up the driveway after lighting their fireworks. ~Platt County Journal - Republican^%^articles/Platt_County_Journal_Republican_062819.pdf^%^Platt_County_Journal_Republican_Logo.jpg^%^1561694400^%^Progress on Monticello's school building project can now be seen anytime online through an EarthCam camera that has been installed at the construction site. ~Curbed DC^%^articles/Curbed_DC_061819.pdf^%^Curbed_DC_2.jpg^%^1560830400^%^Workers have begun installing an interactive exhibit at the National Building Museum called "Lawn," described by museum officials as "a vast, sloping green space built on a scaffolding superstructure." ~Start Spreading the News^%^articles/Yankee_Stadium_060919.pdf^%^Start_Spreading_the_News_Logo.jpg^%^1560052800^%^As they stated, "This is EarthCam's 10 year anniversary special edition time-lapse movie of the new Yankee Stadium.~Urban Toronto^%^articles/Urban_Toronto_052819.pdf^%^Urban_Toronto_Logo_2.jpg^%^1559016000^%^The University of Toronto's Robarts Library at St. George and Harbord streets is undergoing a significant expansion, with the classic Mathers and Haldenby-designed brutalist icon being given a new glass addition along its Huron Street frontage.~Inquirer.net^%^articles/Inquirer.net_052219.pdf^%^Inquirer.net_Logo.jpg^%^1558497600^%^New York City's Empire State Building lit up in purple in honor of BTS and their fans (collectively known as ARMY) on Tuesday, May 21.~The Live Mirror^%^articles/The_Live_Mirror_052219_2.pdf^%^The_Live_Mirror_Logo_2.jpg^%^1558497600^%^BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. ~Soompi^%^articles/Soompi_052119.pdf^%^Soompi_Logo_2.jpg^%^1558411200^%^The Empire State Building in New York City had a brand new look just for BTS and ARMYs!~Blooloop^%^articles/Blooloop_051719.pdf^%^Blooloop_Logo.jpg^%^1558065600^%^Built by the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation and the National Park Service, the new museum is the biggest addition to the area around the Statue of Liberty since it was first unveiled in 1886.~Contractor^%^articles/Contractor_051419.pdf^%^Contractor_Logo_5.jpg^%^1557806400^%^Lady Liberty continues her great legacy as the new Statue of Liberty Museum officially opens to the public on May 16.~Architectural Record^%^articles/Arch_Record_051419.pdf^%^architecturalrecord_4.jpg^%^1557806400^%^Starting May 16, the masses of tourists huddled on the decks of Statue Cruise boats, yearning to take photos of New York landmarks, will have another reason to visit Liberty Island--and a new vantage point for their Lower Manhattan skyline selfies. ~Patch^%^articles/Patch_051419.pdf^%^Patch_Logo.jpg^%^1557806400^%^LIBERTY ISLAND, NY -- The new Statue of Liberty Museum is set to open Thursday.~Travel Instinct^%^articles/Travel_Instinct_051319.pdf^%^Travel_Instinct_Logo_2.jpg^%^1557720000^%^Lady Liberty's original 3,600 pound torch gets a new home this week when the $100 million Statue of Liberty Museum opens in New York Harbour.~Thorold News.com^%^articles/Thorold_News_051219.pdf^%^Thorold_News_Logo.jpg^%^1557633600^%^Thorold has joined the EarthCam network and a live feed is available here on the ThoroldNews website.~ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit^%^articles/ABC_7_WXYZ_Detroit_051019_2.pdf^%^ABC_WXYZ_Detroit_Logo_2.jpg^%^1557460800^%^MACOMB COUNTY (WXYZ) -- Macomb County Animal Control is making their cats and kittens the stars of a live web stream.~Equipment World's Better Roads^%^articles/Equipment_Worlds_Better_Roads_050619.pdf^%^Equipment_Worlds_Better_Roads_Logo.jpg^%^1557115200^%^The time-lapse video above, taken by the City of Yuba City in California, offers a look at four months of work on the 5th Street Bridge that spans the Feather River.~Macomb Daily^%^articles/Macomb_Daily_050619_3.pdf^%^Macomb_Daily_Logo_2.jpg^%^1557115200^%^Hello kitty! Now that Macomb County Animal Control has launched a new EarthCam the public can not only see how the kittens and cats housed at its Dunham Road shelter are doing but check them out for adoption.~Whole Foods Magazine^%^articles/Whole_Foods_Magazine_042319.pdf^%^Whole_Foods_Magazine_Logo.jpg^%^1555992000^%^Secaucus, NJ--Lycored announced the launch of Lycored Livestream in an effort to promote Earth Day and continue the conversation around Lycored's health and happiness-boosting app, littleglow, according to a press release.~Roads & Bridges^%^articles/Roads__Bridges_04_12_19.pdf^%^Roads_and_Bridges_Logo_3.jpg^%^1555041600^%^After a four-year construction process, the new Goethals Bridge linking New York and New Jersey is officially open.~C&G Newspapers^%^articles/CG_040519.pdf^%^CG_Newspapers_Logo_4.jpg^%^1554436800^%^MOUNT CLEMENS -- Bird-watchers can now watch a peregrine falcon live as she prepares her nesting box atop the Old Macomb County Administration Building.~Kastle Systems^%^articles/Kastle_Systems_040119.pdf^%^Kastle_Systems_Logo_1.jpg^%^1554091200^%^Did you know that, all over the country, there are surveillance cameras that could be watching you right now? With today's picture quality, digital analytics and internet viewing accessibility of modern cameras, video surveillance is more widely used than ever by businesses, schools, governments and law enforcement.~Metro Parent^%^articles/Metro_Parent_033119.pdf^%^Metro_Parent_Logo_3.jpg^%^1554004800^%^Mount Clemens' favorite couple, Nick and Hathor - a duo of Peregrine falcons - has nested on the roof of the Old Macomb County Building in Mount Clemens for more than a decade. ~Rams Wire^%^articles/Rams_Wire_032319.pdf^%^Rams_Wire_Logo.jpg^%^1553313600^%^The Los Angeles Rams have just one season left at the Coliseum before they move into their new digs in Inglewood.~Equipment World's Better Roads^%^articles/Equipment_Worlds_Better_Roads_032219.pdf^%^Equipment_Worlds_Better_Roads_Logo.jpg^%^1553227200^%^The time-lapse video below, taken by EarthCam for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, shows the entire construction process for the $1.5 billion Goethals Bridge Replacement project from 2014 to 2108.~Gismo News^%^articles/Gismo_News_031619.pdf^%^Gismo_News_Logo_Web_2.jpg^%^1552708800^%^As long as you are in a WiFi zone, you can show off live webcams from around the world -- complete with live audio -- right on your wrist with the EarthCam webcams app from the Google Play Store.~Curbed New York^%^articles/Curbed_New_York_31519.pdf^%^Curbed_New_York_Logo_2.jpg^%^1552622400^%^If you haven't been to Tenth Avenue in a few years, it may seem like the Hudson Yards megaproject--the first phase of which opened today--sprung up rather quickly.~Crain's New York Business^%^articles/Crains_31519_2.pdf^%^Crains_New_York_Business_Logo.jpg^%^1552622400^%^After nearly a decade of construction atop Manhattan's West Side rail yards, the $25 billion Hudson Yards opened the majority of its buildings to the public Friday.~New York Post^%^articles/New_York_Post_31519.pdf^%^New_York_Post_Logo_2.jpg^%^1552622400^%^A breathtaking new time-lapse video shows the epic Hudson Yards megadevelopment sprouting -- over a six-year period -- on the far West Side.~Facility Executive^%^articles/Facility_Executive_31519.pdf^%^Facility_Executive_Logo_2.jpg^%^1552622400^%^Hudson Yards in New York City officially opens to the public today, March 15, 2019.~41 WMGT^%^articles/41_WMGT_030719.pdf^%^41_WMGT_Web.jpg^%^1551934800^%^MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Macon, Georgia is the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. ~ABC 57 News ^%^articles/Abc_57_News_02_27_19.pdf^%^Abc_57_News_Logo.jpg^%^1551243600^%^Be sure to get up to Lake Michigan in the next few weeks to check out some cool ice dunes! You can actually see them on this EarthCam photo. ~Sapo Tek^%^articles/SapoTek_021819.pdf^%^Sapo_Tek_Logo_Web.jpg^%^1550466000^%^Whether you do not have the opportunity to visit a place, or simply know the weather conditions of any region that decides to travel, webcams, linked 24/7 are always an essential help. It's a sort of innocent "Big Brother" about landscapes, urban or natural, that EarthCam compiles on its website. ~Gizmodo^%^articles/Gizmodo_021219.pdf^%^Gizmodo_Logo_2.jpg^%^1549947600^%^It's lunchtime--or maybe it's just a break you're taking from the world. ~hok.com^%^articles/1hoki_020419.pdf^%^hok-logo.png^%^1549256400^%^The media embraced the design of the 2 million-sq.-ft. facility in Atlanta. From Architectural Record and Interior Design to CBS News, check out this recap of the top stories. ~The Architects Newspaper^%^articles/Architects_Newspaper_02_01_19.pdf^%^The_Architects_Newspaper_Logo.jpg^%^1548997200^%^On Sunday, all eyes will be on Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new arena that, less than 18 months after opening, is hosting the biggest sporting event in the nation: Super Bowl LIII.~Cleveland.com^%^articles/Cleveland.com_02_01_19.pdf^%^Cleveland.com_Logo.jpg^%^1548997200^%^CLEVELAND, Ohio - As Super Bowl LIII approaches it brings with it a wave of hype about the game and its players. ~Cleveland.com^%^articles/Cleveland.com_01_31_19.pdf^%^Cleveland.com_Logo.jpg^%^1548910800^%^CLEVELAND, Ohio - Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is the site of Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.~Patch^%^articles/Patch_01_31_19.pdf^%^Patch_Logo.jpg^%^1548910800^%^ATLANTA -- With the eyes of the world squarely fixed on Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, EarthCam is sharing its construction time-lapsed video of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of this Sunday's game. ~Yahoo Sports^%^articles/Yahoo_Sports_01_31_19.pdf^%^Yahoo_Sports_Logo.jpg^%^1548910800^%^ATLANTA -- With the eyes of the world squarely fixed on Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, EarthCam is sharing its construction time-lapsed video of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of this Sunday's game.~Curbed^%^articles/Curbed_01_30_19.pdf^%^Curbed_Logo.jpg^%^1548824400^%^In December, Chicago'sStation completed a $22 million restoration of the 18,000-square-foot skylight capping the structure's iconic Great Hall. ~Charlevoix Courier^%^articles/Charlevoix_Courier_012219.pdf^%^Charlevoix_Courier_Logo_2.jpg^%^1548219600^%^CHARLEVOIX -- Staying connected to a place you love is a lot easier with a webcam.~Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory^%^articles/PPPL_012219.pdf^%^PPPL_Princeton_Plasma_Physics_Laboratory_Logo.jpg^%^1548133200^%^Want to create your own plasma? You can create and control a plasma from the comfort of your own device.~Wells Fargo Pioneer^%^articles/West_Fargo_Pioneer_011019.pdf^%^Wells_Fargo_Pioneer_Logo_2.jpg^%^1547096400^%^CAVALIER, N.D. -- A truck driving down Main Street is probably the loudest thing you'll ever hear in Cavalier, a northeast North Dakota town of around 1,300 people.~WKTV News Channel 2^%^articles/WKTV_010919.pdf^%^WKTV_Logo_3.jpg^%^1547010000^%^The Utica Zoo is partnering with EarthCam to launch a live webcam of the tamarin exhibit at the zoo.~end