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Translate EarthCam.com into your language:

Thank you for your interest in helping translate the EarthCam.com into multiple languages. Our goal is to improve the user-experience for our valued international visitors and we appreciate your assistance.

We also would like to thank all our fans who helped translate the site. Click here to view the list.

How do I translate the site?

  1. Download the .PO file in the language you want to translate.
  2. Add your translation to the .PO file using PoEdit. EarthCam exclusively recommends PoEdit for translating the .PO files. It's simple, easy-to-use, and best of all, free. Click Here to download PoEdit.
  3. Upload your file with the .PO file uploader below.

What languages are available for translation?

Languages Progress* Producers
Arabic  Arabic_(ar).po
Percent Complete
Brazilian-Portuguese  Brazilian-Portuguese_(pt-br).po
Percent Complete
Daniel Pamio Lopes
Bulgarian  Bulgarian_(bg).po
Percent Complete
Galin Petkov
Chinese-Traditional  Chinese-Traditional_(cn).po
Percent Complete
Dutch  Dutch_(nl).po
Percent Complete
Eduard Frankes
French  French_(fr).po
Percent Complete
Yves le Moal
German  German_(de).po
Percent Complete
Italian  Italian_(it).po
Percent Complete
Lorenzo De Liso
Japanese  Japanese_(ja).po
Percent Complete
Korean  Korean_(kr).po
Percent Complete
Lithuanian  Lithuanian_(lt).po
Percent Complete
Tomas Bersėnas
Polish  Polish_(pl).po
Percent Complete
Tomasz Dobrzyski
Portuguese  Portuguese_(pt).po
Percent Complete
Hélio Tapadas
Russian  Russian_(ru).po
Percent Complete
Spanish  Spanish_(es).po
Percent Complete
Camilo Acevedo
Spanish  Spanish_(es-mx).po
Percent Complete
Camilo Acevedo
Swedish  Swedish_(sv).po
Percent Complete
Turkish  Turkish_(tr).po
Percent Complete
*Note: You may have noticed a decrease in the percentage complete of the translated languages. We have greatly increased the amount of sentences and phrases that are available for you to translate. All of the existing text is still there, none of your past submissions have been lost.


Before you upload your PO file to us, You must make sure it is encoded in UTF-8. To check this, load your PO file you are working on in Poedit.

Click on the Catalog menu. Then Click Settings.

In the Charset dropdown box, select utf-8. Click ok.

Then click the save the catalog button (or go to File menu, then Save).


You must have a mastery of spoken and written English

A thorough understanding of EarthCam\'s markup language (EML) Click Here to learn more.

A basic understanding of HTML is a plus

Special Thanks...

...to all our fans who translated the site - click here to view the list.

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