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Russian Cat Foster Home

Khabarovsk, Russian Federation

Live webcam of cat foster home in Khabarovsk, East Russia. Stray cats are placed in the flats of volunteers and here you can see a flat full of kitties!


Lake Tomahawk Cam

Negley, OH United States

Webcam from a local resident's deck looking out over Lake Tomahawk, located in Negley, Ohio. Online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Dobrij Dom Cat Shelter

Khabarovsk, Russian Federation

A cat foster home 'Dobrij dom' (Kind Home) in Khabarovsk, Russia. It is a homeless animal rescue organization that fosters pets for adoption.


Hotell Marieberg

Kristinehamn, Sweden

Local camera located at Hotel Marieberg, operating in Kristinehamn, Varmland, Sweden.


Vilnius City Cams

Vilnius, Lithuania

View the traffic condition in Vilnius, Lithuania with this live webcam, also providing views of city skyline and local Church and town square.


Urdaibai Reserve

Gautegiz Arteaga, Spain

Urdaibai Bird Center has a series of webcams that broadcast live the world of birds. You can now from anywhere see the nature and wildlife of birds around Urdaibai Bird Center.


El Gatio Cat Shelter

Bogota, Colombia

Take a virtual trip to see how the cats in "El Gatio" animal shelter live in live stream from Bogota, Columbia.



klosterneuburg, Austria

The Cam is located in Klosterneuburg and overlooks the town with the Klosterneuburg Monastery in the center. On a clear day the Kreuzenstein Castle can be seen on the horizon.


RoyalCam Albatross Nest

Dunedin, New Zealand

The nest on the web cam belongs to a young albatross pair. The male has blue-black (BK) colour bands and the female red-blue-black (RBK). Watch the parents take turns on the nest, feeding and guarding the chick until it is about 6 weeks old.


Golden Beach, FL Sky Cam

Aventura, FL United States

Located in a local resident's home, this camera provides a great aerial view of Central Island, Florida and Golden Beach, Florida right next to Aventura, Florida. Features views of the waterway and boats that go by.


Cat Shelter in Croatia

Voloder, Croatia

Live stream webcam of the animal shelter for old cats. Watch a lot of pet videos and help shelters, sanctuaries and rescues: buy pet food online on Animals Life NET


Kolobrzeg City View

Kolobrzeg, Poland

Camera in Kolobrzeg, showing views of the harbor and the lighthouse. View shared was through cooperation companies Toya and Gawex Media.


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