System Requirements:

The minimum requirements for viewing our website are the following:

· On a PC with Microsoft Windows you will need one of the following web browsers
     - Microsoft Edge
     - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
     - Mozilla Firefox
     - Opera 10 (or higher)
     - Google Chrome

·On a Macintosh:
     - Mozilla Firefox
     - Google Chrome
     - Safari

· Adobe Flash Player version 11 (or higher) on Internet Explorer or Edge
· Javascript enabled in your web browser.
· A broadband connection with minimum download speeds of:
     - 1 Mbps for streaming video


Streaming Video:

For the newer streaming cameras that are on the website, we use Adobe Flash's h.264 capability on Internet Explorer and Edge, and HTML5 streaming video for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. A black screen after the loading bar is normal and should go away after a few seconds. In order to properly view the video you will need (at minimum) version 11 or higher of Internet Explorer. On Firefox and Chrome, we recommend at least version 50 or higher. Earlier versions mnay support the h.264 video format.

For instructions on installing Flash, see the section below.


Installing Flash

In order to install the Adobe Flash Player:

1. Go to
2. Click on the "Get Adobe Flash" button in the left column, and follow the instructions on the page.

Once flash has been installed, you may need to restart your browser.

If the Flash Player does not install correctly on your computer, please refer to Adobe's help article.


Internet Explorer 8 and Google Maps

There is a known compatibility issue with using Internet Explorer 8 and Google Maps (which we use for our world map and map overlay for our EarthCam Network player). In order to correctly get the maps to load you will need to run IE 8 in compatibility mode.

For more information on compatibility mode, please visit the support link below.



If the player, or parts of the player, appears as a black screen in Internet Explorer, or does not appear at all, you may need to update Flash. Please verify that you have at least version 11 of the Flash Player installed and you are using one of the web browsers in the system requirements listed above. You will also need to verify that Javascript is turned on.
Please note that the webcam player may take up to a minute to load under slower connections, such as dial-up.

Browser and Plug-in Detection
Your Current Browser:
Flash Player Version:


If you see "version 0" or if the above check does not work correctly you can use the Flash version check on Adobe's website. It's possible that you may need to reinstall Flash if it is not detected properly.

If you are still experiencing problems either installing Flash, or loading our webcam viewer, please refer to Adobe's troubleshooting guide below.

For Windows:

For Intel-based Macs:

For Linux/Solaris:


AOL Users / Alternative install & uninstall method

If you are having difficulty installing flash, please try the alternate download method. Click the "Flash Player" link under the "Internet Explorer/AOL" column.

You will also need to disable "image compression" located under the "AOL Internet Settings and Options" page. Locate the box that says "never compress graphics" and make sure it is checked.


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