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Viewer's Guide

To help you understand what you're viewing, EarthCam and the Sixth Floor Museum have created this viewer's guide to help identify some of the landmarks in Dealey Plaza.

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Looking south down Houston Street. President Kennedy's motorcade turned right off Main Street at the Criminal Courts building onto Houston approaching the Texas School Book Depository.

The reflecting pool and monument area. The motorcade turned left from Houston onto Elm Street, moving past the pool toward a triple underpass.

Elm Street and the triple underpass. The underpass allows train travel above the streets, and the "grassy knoll" area at the right center is hidden behind the trees. The window ledge is visible in the foreground.

The assassin's view of Elm Street. Elm Street was and still is the direct route to major highways leading away from downtown Dallas.

The site of the fatal shot. The center of the view is the approximate location where President Kennedy was struck by the final gunshot.

The "grassy knoll." The area in front of, and behind, the low white wall is the unofficial name for where some thought a shot was fired. The small white pedestal is where amateur photographer Abraham Zapruder filmed the assassination, and the Stemmons Freeway appears in the background.

Dealey Plaza and beyond as seen from the sniper's nest. Reunion Tower, left, and the Hyatt Regency hotel were built years after the assassination. The Oak Cliff section of Dallas, where Lee Harvey Oswald lived, appears on the far horizon.

Brian Cury, President and founder of EarthCam, finalizes installation of the webcam in the "sniper's perch". The EarthCam camera is concealed inside a cardboard box, an exact replica of the box on which the alleged assassin rested his rifle, to help preserve the historical integrity of the location.

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