Executive Producer
Brian Cury

Phil Pfisterer
Dominique Raymond

Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Angie Mason

Associate Producers
Sherri Uhrick
Chris Moore
Matt Schlesinger

Production Assistant
Mandy Libman
Paula Matera

Partners and Sponsors

Times Square 2000
Jeff Straus
Cathryn Straus

Riese Restaurants
Dennis Riese
Gary Trimarchi
Don Metznick

NY Post
Jill Telesnick
Karen Yanch

Continental Airlines
Bill Mapp

Justin L. Camerlengo
Clifford K. Allen

Michael Behnke
John Green
Chris Apostle

Miracle Factory
Burt Marcus
Frank Lieberman

The Wiz

Special Thanks

Times Square BID
Peter Kohlmann
Christine Krische
Joanie Omeste

Virgin Mega Store

Empire International
David Seelinger

DoubleTree Guest Suites
Stacy Shuster

Anthony S. Calvano

Renegade Marketing
Drew Neiser
Matt Gidney

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