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Watch hatching of ospreys' first chick on Ferris live webcam (www.mlive.com)
In a nest 100 feet off the ground, a pair of ospreys awaits a big event: the hatching of its first chick of the year. And when it does, thousands of humans will be watching, thanks to a webcam positioned above the nest. For the fourth year, the Ferris State University camera is capturing the ospreys as they nest, lay eggs and raise their chicks. The bird’s eye view was conceived as an interesting supplement to spring and summer ecology classes, but its reach has gone beyond the university.  more... 5/29/2012

The Golden Gate Bridges Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary (sfgate.com)
Acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful bridges, The Golden Gate Bridge will be celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday, May 27th. Known for its beautiful design and namesake "golden" color, an estimated 9 million people from around the world visit the famous bridge every year. Visit EarthCam's live streaming webcam and it's easy to see why. The 75th anniversary public celebration will be taking place on May 27th, spanning the waterfront from Fort Point to Pier 39. The festival will offer thousands of people the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the bridge, learn about its rich history and enjoy various performances and exhibits. EarthCam invites people around the world to join in this massive celebration by visiting their webcam, located at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. This streaming camera offers the perfect vantage point for watching all the fun and excitement. Capping off the festivities will be a breathtaking fireworks display that will light up the sky over the Golden Gate Bridge.  more... 5/29/2012

Tenant sets up own surveillance camera to catch thieves (myfox8.com)
A tenant of an apartment complex near UNC-Greensboro has formed a community watch group to address growing concerns for their safety. Scott Clay says he’s had two mopeds stolen and a stray bullet hit his apartment since living at the University Village Apartments on Walker Avenue. According to Clay, the apartments have become a haven for drugs, gangs, and vandalism. “We don’t park our cars in the front anymore because they get vandalized,” Clay said. According to statistics from the Greensboro Police Department, officers have been called to the privately-owned apartments 61 times since January 1.  more... 5/22/2012

Whooping Cranes Webcam (fox11online.com)
he International Crane Foundation in Baraboo is giving the world a chance to watch newly hatched whooping cranes grow. The foundation has launched its Crane Chick Cam , a streaming video of the endangered youngsters. Viewers can see young chicks being kept warm under heat lamps. As the birds get older they'll have access to outdoor runs where they can strengthen their leg and flight muscles.   more... 5/22/2012

Yosemite Falls streaming live online for 1st time (sfgate.com)
For the first time ever, Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America, can be called up on a computer and viewed from the comfort of the living room sofa. On Monday, the nonprofit Yosemite Conservancy will switch on a webcam that will show the thundering waterfall in all its incarnations throughout the year, its latest addition to an array of technology connecting couch potatoes and computer nerds to nature.  more... 5/14/2012

Experts help stroke patients via webcam (whidbeyexaminer.com)
When a person falls victim to a stroke, doctors must act quickly to restore blood flow to the patient’s brain to prevent further damage. For the past six months, emergency-room doctors at Whidbey General Hospital have been able to use video-conferencing technology to get extra help from specialists at the neuroscience institute at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle – among the top experts in the region.  more... 5/10/2012

Webcams prove hit at funerals (banburyguardian.co.uk)
A BANBURY funeral home is helping families around the world say goodbye to their loved ones with a pioneering webcam service. The Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare home in Middleton Road can now link with family and friends around the world by having a webcam transmitting a live feed of the ceremony.  more... 5/8/2012

Residents use webcam to promote dorm safety (wkuherald.com)
The WKU administration strives to squelch crime on campus. The police regularly patrol the campus. Security cameras are at residence hall doors and scattered around other buildings, and call boxes á la Kmart blue-light special dot the grounds. But Covington freshman Taylor Averdick said he didn’t think this was enough. Averdick and his roommate, Covington freshman Mitchell Wood, said they heard about several break-ins in Keen Hall, where they live, and then one of their friends got his MacBook stolen. But it was after someone tore down memes against Governor Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) and Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) decorating Averdick and Wood’s door that the roommates said they decided to take action.  more... 5/4/2012

Cheetah webcam goes live (timeslive.co.za)
The birth of cheetah cubs at a Limpopo centre was to be broadcast live on the Internet for the first time via a webcam on Wednesday. "We hope to capture the birth so that viewers can see, for the first time ever, how these endangered creatures are born," said Africam.com spokesman Paul Penzhorn.  more... 5/2/2012

New York's new tallest tower (maddowblog.msnbc.msn.com)
You may recall, the Twin Towers were visible from all over the city and were always a good way to orient yourself, for example when coming out of the subway. This new tower already has a similar prominence. At the end of that new cool time lapse video from the EarthCam people, below, they pull out to a wide shot that shows the height well.  more... 5/2/2012

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