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New technology connects babies and families with webcams (kfvs12.com)
The Heartland is now home to the newest cutting edge technology for moms and babies facing long hospitals stays when the little ones need special intensive care. We met the first couple to use the new webcam system called "Nicview" still staying at Southeast Health's newly renovated Neonatal unit for moms and babies. "I wear that camera out," said Justin Williams as he looks in on his baby girl from a his cell phone. He's probably logging on the most, as well as his family across the country who can't stop watching little Ameila's progress through the 24/7 webcam system. "When I'm not here and I get a break I'm probably logging on 50 times a day," laughs Justin. "That's a bunch."   more... 7/31/2014

Texas Glory From Your Couch: San Jac EarthCam Goes Live (blogs.houstonpress.com)
The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Hagia Sophia and now the San Jacinto Monument. Webcam manufacturer EarthCam's latest monument live cam hit the internet yesterday, right here in Texas, at the San Jacinto Monument. The camera is 540 feet in the air. Larry Spasic, president of the San Jacinto Museum of History Association, said the live cam is targeted at bringing new visitors to the famous former battle ground, which is already the largest, most visited historic park in Texas. A group of "people that might not normally think of us," but would be drawn to the park via social media sharing of the camera's live views.  more... 7/28/2014

Guinea Pig Life Revealed Via Webcams (smallanimalchannel.com)
Do you love guinea pigs but just don’t have the time or the means to take care of one? Well, you’re in luck! Now you can experience the joy of guinea pigs without changing your busy schedule or double-checking your wallet. All you need is an Internet-enabled mobile device. Brian Balla, a web designer based out of Portland, Oregon and HappyCavy Human #1, has created HappyCavy.com, a website in which guinea pig lovers can watch four cavies nearly 24/7 via webcam (lights off at 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time and the cameras are offline on Thursdays for cage cleaning).  more... 7/24/2014

NEW EARTHCAM: Scenic webcam now live from San Jacinto Monument (yourhoustonnews.com)
EarthCam, the experts in partnering with businesses and organizations around the world to showcase their destinations, has teamed up with the San Jacinto Museum of History Association and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) to deliver spectacular, real-time views of the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, Battleship Texas, the Houston Ship Channel and the skyline of Houston, Texas. The San Jacinto Monument Cam will join other prestigious U.S. landmarks documented by EarthCam including the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Dealey Plaza, Washington Monument, Time Square and Mount Rushmore.  more... 7/8/2014

Why the “Zoos of the Future” Will Probably Be Webcams Scattered Around the World (motherboard.vice.com)
Over the last few decades, zoos have been shifting their focus from entertainment hubs to conservation education centers, to keep place with animal rights awareness. But despite their best efforts, it’s always going to be a little depressing to watch an adult lion pace around in a tiny enclosure, bored out of his gourd. Seeing animals in captivity might inspire empathy for their plight in the wild, but it would be great to cut out the middleman.  more... 7/8/2014

The doctor will see you now … via webcam (japantimes.co.jp)
Mark Matulaitis holds out his arms so the Parkinson’s specialist can check his tremors. But this is no doctor’s office: Matulaitis sits in his rural home as a neurologist a few hundred kilometers away examines him via the camera in his laptop. Welcome to the virtual house call, the latest twist on telemedicine. It’s increasingly getting attention as a way to conveniently diagnose simple maladies, such as whether that runny nose and cough is a cold or the flu. One company even offers a smartphone app that lets tech-savvy consumers connect to a doctor for $49 a visit.  more... 7/8/2014

Look at Gettysburg battlefield from your home with EarthCam (ydr.com)
It's the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and EarthCam is providing a live webcam to show you views of the site of Pickett's Charge. The camera is on top of the Codori Barn, south of Gettysburg on the east side of Emmitsburg Road, in an area where there was heaving fighting July 2, 1863. The area was also an obstacle in Pickett's Charge the following day.  more... 7/2/2014

Sea eagle chick rescued after falling from its webcam nest (bbc.com)
A rescue mission to save a famous BBC sea eagle chick after it fell 30ft from its nest on Mull has been successful. The eight-week-old chick became a TV star on the BBC Springwatch show and is currently being viewed from around the world on a live webcam. The eagle was seen at the weekend but by Sunday evening the nest was empty.  more... 7/2/2014

Camera will help cyclists catch dangerous drivers (gladstoneobserver.com.au)
GLADSTONE Bicycle Centre is celebrating the arrival of tail-light video cameras that will help cyclists catch dangerous drivers in the act. Owner Dave McIntosh has become the first Gladstone region stockist for Fly 6, a high-definition camera that is produced by West Australian company Fly Lites. "It seems to be the thing people are going for," said the Auckland St shop owner, whose first order arrived last week. "If people come super close, you get it on camera.  more... 7/2/2014



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