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2012 Olympics live sideshow: Abbey Road webcam offers bizarre acting tourists (examiner.com)
The 2012 Olympics has turned London, England into a tourist hotbed and when the swarms of people who infiltrated this historic city have some down time away from their spectator perches at the games, many go sightseeing. While the list of sights to see are vast, there’s one place made famous through the modern history of pop-culture that people gravitate to by the masses and a web cam is catching their every strange, but predictable move.  more... 7/30/2012

Webcams make Alaska bears accessible (usatoday.com)
Without having to go there, you'll be able to watch mature bears compete for salmon at Brook Falls and other sites and cubs tumbling over each other as they play. Starting Tuesday, a live Web stream will allow the public to log on and see the brown bears in their natural habitat. "I think it's an unparalleled opportunity for people to get that front row seat of the lives of the bears at Brooks Camp," said Roy Wood, chief of interpretation for Katmai National Park and Preserve  more... 7/25/2012

Watch adorable service puppies via webcam (mnn.com)
They may look like pats of butter now, but these pups are being trained by veterans with PTSD to one day provide assistance to injured service members. These six golden retriever puppies are more than just adorable balls of fur — they’re working to heal the invisible wounds of U.S. combat veterans. Known as Holly’s Half Dozen, the future service dogs are being petted and socialized by recovering service members from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, Md. And you can watch them live 24 hours a day for the next eight to 10 weeks on explore.org.  more... 7/13/2012

Man Uses Webcam to Solve Case of Missing Fruit (abcnews.go.com)
A man at an unnamed company who noticed fruit was missing from his office set up a webcam at his desk to catch a woman eating the fruit. The alleged perpetrator was a cleaning lady apparently helping herself to a late-night snack as she snatched an apple off his desk. In the video, the janitor is on her cellphone as she wheels her cart down the hallway. She steps into the office and snatches the apple without hesitation before making a quick exit. Before wheeling her cart away, she takes a bite of the apple.  more... 7/9/2012

Caught on camera! Black Bear seen in backyard raid (wcvb.com)
This time, a Tyngsboro family has caught one on a backyard surveillance camera -- reality TV-style. Bruce and Karen Wolf strapped a camera to a tree trunk in the backyard; set up to detect motion and switch on, it caught the bear in the act. The video revealed the bear, about 6 feet tall, standing on its hind quarters toppling one of the family's bird feeders, which is perched atop of tall metal pole.  more... 7/9/2012

How can employers use technology for screening applicants? (courierpress.com)
Technology has made employers' jobs easier when advertising for job openings, responding to candidates, and screening and selecting candidates. Companies interviewing candidates from out of state now use Skype to conduct webcam interviews rather than bring someone in for an on-site interview.  more... 7/2/2012



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