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Monday, September 26th, 2016


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Millions watch nesting eagles on Berry College web cam in Rome, Ga. (timesfreepress.com)
A bobble-headed little fluff ball in Rome, Ga., is capturing hearts around the world. Thousands of people are getting online to watch live Web camera images of a baby eaglet that hatched Feb. 22 in an eagle's nest on Berry College's campus. A webcam counter showed more than 13,000 live viewers Tuesday and 4.2 million total viewers. "I'm watching it now," Calhoun, Ga., retiree Gerald Brown said Thursday evening. "We have it on all day. Very interesting. Very interesting."  more... 3/5/2014

Remote mourning: Webcams bring the church to your living room (tcdailyplanet.net)
I found a new, sad but useful, use for broadband this week. Webcams in churches. I am in Ireland for a funeral. The funeral came up pretty suddenly – our “Irish Grandma” died after a brief illness. She has sons all over the world: Australia, London, New York, Florida and Minnesota. They were all able to be here but plenty of grandkids and other family members weren’t. Fortunately, the church was online. They maintain a webcam in the church at all times. So they whole funeral was livestreamed and is apparently archived.  more... 3/5/2014

4 Tips For Worry-Free Webcam Interviewing (business2community.com)
If a company said 15 years ago that they conducted interviews remotely through a camera in your computer, you would have thought you were applying to Hogwarts. Now, webcam interviewing is becoming a mainstream method of recruiting — saving employers both time and money while still giving them (almost) all the information they need to make a hiring decision. While some people prefer webcam interviews because they take some of the pressure off, others think the complete opposite.  more... 3/4/2014

Mardi Gras LIVE! Watch All the Happenings in New Orleans (boston.com)
If you weren't able to break out of Bean Town and head to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras this year, I'd like to introduce you to a lively app by EarthCam that lands you in the heart of New Orleans, delivering the Mardi Gras action LIVE to your iPhone and iPad.  more... 3/3/2014

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