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Great inventions: Webcams bring the snow to you (vancouversun.com)
When it comes to getting a clear picture of what’s happening at BC ski resorts, the webcam can be a very useful tool for planning a trip. Prior to webcams, ski resorts would often try to manipulate their information, much like this video parody from Park City Mountain Resort. (Truth to tell, it was never that bad, however, a keen skier who I know here in the North Shore refers to the telephone ski report at one of the major mountains as “the lie line” due to its sometimes inaccurate reporting. Though it must be said that one person’s foggy blizzard is another person’s powder paradise. Realistically, there are no excuses for a resort not to have a webcam these days.  more... 2/25/2013

Travel to Jordan right now with live streaming webcams (etravelblackboardasia.com)
Move over Google Earth, Jordan is installing webcams in an attempt to attract tourists by showing off its attractions and the safe nature of the region. Joining forces with EarthCam, Jordan Tourism Board has installed a number of live streaming webcams which feature sites such as Aqaba and the Dead Sea, the ancient site of Petra and The Citadel in Jordan’s capital city, Amman, as well as the Amman city skyline  more... 2/21/2013

Jordan hopes webcams of its historical sites will invigorate tourism industry rocked by political in (http://news.nationalpost.com)
Considering a visit to Jordan? Some of its most breathtaking wonders, from the amazing rock formations and remains of ancient life in Petra to the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea, are now just a click away as Jordan becomes a leader in using technology to promote tourism. In a bid to boost tourism revenues after two bad years, Jordanian tourism authorities this month introduced the live web cam streaming from five top attractions, including Amman’s ancient citadel, the Red Sea port of Aqaba and the Amman skyline. Billed as the First World Wonder Webcam, the pink city of Petra’s stream features its treasures, used as a backdrop for Indiana Jones films, which can be seen from a nearby hilltop while tourists take pictures or are led by Beduin on camels or horses on the rocky terrain. The Dead Sea web cam is billed as the Lowest Webcam on Earth.  more... 2/20/2013

EarthCam launches Webcam Collection with live views of Jordan (traveldailynews.com)
EarthCam and the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) have teamed up to launch a collection of live streaming webcams with views of some of the country's most treasured and visited locations. This is a major development for the JTB, as Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to install tourism webcams. A country rich in history, culture and heritage, Jordan has become a must-see destination for travellers from around the world. For those who are unable to physically travel to the destination, EarthCam's webcams act as a virtual passport.  more... 2/18/2013

Amazing Close-ups of the Sun Taken With a Webcam and Telescope (technobuffalo.com)
Why wait for the professionals to release gorgeous images of space when a man can do it from his own backyard? Amateur astronomer Alan Friedman uses nothing more than an industrial strength webcam and a small telescope to create powerful images of the Sun from his own backyard in Buffalo, NY.  more... 2/18/2013

Woman gives birth via webcam while husband overseas (kplctv.com)
Lying in a hospital bed, dog tags around her neck and a computer by her side, Katy Gibbs was ready for childbirth. "I'm having a baby with my husband in Afghanistan," Katy said. They never planned for this - a baby born while his father, Paul, an engineer in the Army Reserves, was serving overseas. "The week after he left, to the day I found out I was pregnant," Katy said.  more... 2/18/2013

Webcams made meetings stronger, says mayor (stuff.co.nz)
Watching Taupo district councillors go about their business at monthly meetings live on the internet is "sometimes funnier than the movies", Mayor Rick Cooper says. "It's real life; sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is dramatic, and sometimes it is even fictional," he said. Monthly meetings are streamed live on webcam, and can be cheap entertainment for viewers.  more... 2/12/2013

HARBOR SEALS: Watch them live on the Net (blog.pe.com)
You no longer need to drive to San Diego County to see the harbor seals on the beaches of La Jolla. You now may watch them live on your computer through a webcam set up by a group called EarthCam. Just click here to see the seals. (It looks much better during daylight hours)  more... 2/12/2013

Live broadcast of Mardi Gras 2013 from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (tecnologia.starmedia.com)
Mardi Gras is the name of the carnival that is held every year in New Orleans , Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama. The written word is French for "fat Tuesday" in Spanish but traditionally connected to the " Mardi Gras ". If you do not want to miss this centenary tradition and famous around the world, you can trackback from your device iOS app with Live Mardi Gras has presented EarthCam Inc. on iTunes.  more... 2/12/2013

Storm "Nemo", already on its knees and Use of New York comes a historic snowfall: Images (meteoweb.eu)
Many areas of the United States are already on their knees to the snow, as we can see from the images accompanying article from Boston, Providence, Hartford and other locations in New England where thousands of schools are closed and airports completely haywire  more... 2/12/2013

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