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Legally blind Ottawa girl uses high-tech to see (ottawa.ctvnews.ca)
Nine year old Emma-Rose Gibson has never heard of Geordi La Forge. But she has more in common with the fictional character from Star Trek: The Next Generation than she realizes. The character, played by actor LeVar Burton, was blind and used a high-tech visor to see. Emma-Rose Gibson is legally blind. But she can now see more than ever before thanks to her new high-tech eyewear.  more... 10/30/2013

EarthCam and SedonaWebcam.com Team Up to Deliver Breathtaking Live Views of Sedona (digitaljournal.com)
Experience the unmatched beauty of Sedona, Arizona with live streaming webcam views, brought to people around the world by EarthCam, the world’s favorite live webcam network, and SedonaWebcam.com. Perched high above the city, this high definition camera takes viewers on a sweeping virtual tour of this spectacular location. Known for its captivating presence, people around the world travel to Sedona for a spiritual retreat among a piece of untouched nature. With this new webcam, complete with 360° panoramic views of the expansive red rock formations, visitors will be awed by the majesty of these unique mountains. The EarthCam Creative Team also created a custom interactive panorama, with special callouts for all the locations and landmarks that are visible from this aerial vantage point. Visitors will be treated to views including Oak Creek Canyon, Munds Mountain, Steamboat Rock and Thunder Mountain, which served as inspiration for the design of Space Mountain at Disneyland.   more... 10/28/2013

EarthCam Turns Statue of Liberty into a Webcam Work of Art for Her 127th Anniversary (digitaljournal.com)
A famous frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” and the Statue of Liberty couldn’t agree more. That’s why in honor of her 127th birthday today, EarthCam, the leaders in webcam technology, applied its unique Warholian image effects to its Lady Liberty Cam. Now the Statue can celebrate this special day with a wide range of vibrant colors. Originally debuted for its cameras in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum, EarthCam’s digital process is modeled after Warhol’s silk screen process. The program is based on millions of color and matte combinations to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Viewers will enjoy a true pop art experience, with unique images of the Statue of Liberty that are only available for 15 minutes of fame and then gone forever.  more... 10/28/2013

DAYTONA Rising Web Cam Goes Live (paddocktalk.com)
Race fans visiting www.DAYTONARISING.com to check on the progress of Daytona International Speedway’s historic DAYTONA Rising project will now have the ability to look-in on the construction site. Utilizing state-of-the-art EarthCam technology, race fans will have a view of the construction activities along the frontstretch grandstands with multiple vantage points including a panorama view and the ability to zoom in. There are three robotic 288 megapixel archiving cameras as well as four HD streaming cameras aimed at the construction work taking place at Daytona International Speedway.  more... 10/17/2013

Seeing The Parks By Webcam During The Shutdown (nationalparkstraveler.com)
Among the many casualties of the government shutdown are some of the popular webcam views of locations around the National Park System, since NPS and some other government web services have been disabled for the duration of the dispute. If you enjoy the ability to check in on favorite park locations via those cameras, all is not lost, however, and we'll provide some leads in this story to park webcam views provided by non-government sources. Just in case the term isn't familiar to you, "webcam" is short for "web camera," and it's simply a digital camera that can send pictures from its location via a computer and the Internet. In the past several years, these cameras have been installed in a number of park locations, allowing anyone to enjoy the view and check on current conditions at that site.  more... 10/15/2013

Philadelphia is getting a nearly 3,000 square foot Shimmer Wall on The Parkway (philly.com)
As soon as June of next year, expect to see Ned Kahn’s massive Shimmer Wall installation draping the new Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion, a 53,000 square foot addition to The Franklin Institute. The Shimmer Wall is as enchanting as it sounds. It creates a visual representation of the sky, wind, and other natural elements.  more... 10/15/2013

Virtual Vacations: EarthCam Takes You There! (passportmagazine.com)
No matter where you’d like to visit, with EarthCam you can be transported instantly to some of the most exciting destinations around the world. It’s like having two eyes trained on dozens of locations at all times. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or a frequent flier, this website enables you to scan destinations that range from beautiful scenery and wildlife, to bustling intersections in the world’s busiest cities, including the Abbey Road crossing, Hollywood Boulevard, or Elvis Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. These glimpses can help you plan your next trip, or just take a mental break from wherever you happen to be.  more... 10/10/2013

Is This Terrifying Storm About to Eat Manhattan? (gizmodo.com)
All day we've been hearing about some terrible storms, and wind, and tornados that are coming for us New Yorkers. But thanks to the folks at EarthCam, we can watch the this horrifying weather come straight at us live from a webcam mounted on the Statue of Liberty. It's getting dark over our office. Oh my god is the world about to end?  more... 10/7/2013

SHUTDOWN: Company offers fill-in for National Zoo Panda Cam (blog.pe.com)
The federal government shutdown may have caused the National Zoo’s Panda Cam to go dark, but the American public can still glimpse the cuddly animals and others tourist attractions through the lenses of EarthCam.com. The Hackensack, N.J.-based company, which designs and manufactures camera networks, has “eyes” in more than 1,500 cities around the world. EarthCam streams images of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the Statue of Liberty, and works with corporations and government groups to document and promote projects.  more... 10/7/2013

EarthCam Construction Camera Documented Progress for New MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper Univers (digitaljournal.com)
Doors will open today for the new MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper on the university’s Health Sciences Campus in Camden, NJ. EarthCam’s construction camera was onsite since May 2012, documenting construction for the four-story, 103,050-square-foot facility and providing project teams with a real-time view of the progress. P. Agnes, a leading construction management and services firm, relied on EarthCam’s ConstructionCam HD system to remotely monitor and manage jobsite activity and construction progress. The high definition live streaming views enabled team members to view the site from anywhere at any time, eliminating the need for constant travel, saving time and money. Live views of the progress were also made available online via a public web page. The community was able to track construction for the new facility, which will provide exceptional cancer care for residents of southern New Jersey and beyond.  more... 10/7/2013

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