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Lighthouse webcam provides scenic views (whitelakebeacon.com)
Stuck inside and want to get a beautiful view of the White Lake Channel and Lake Michigan? Just go online to get a live feed from a new webcam located on the tower at the White River Light Station in Fruitland Township. The webcam showing the scenic views is a project of the White Lake Association with support from contributors. To connect to the webcam, go to the White Lake Association website at http://whitelakeassociation.org. In May 2009 the White Lake Association purchased a weather station that was installed at the White River Light Station.  more... 5/28/2013

Researchers create virtual therapist with webcam and game sensor (slashgear.com)
Researchers with the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies are working on a virtual therapist that appears lifelike and is aimed to help those who need some type of counseling but aren’t yet ready or able to see a live worker. In addition, the digital shrink, because of the way it is designed, can be used to monitor the minute details of a person’s body language over time, helping a live counselor monitor progress.  more... 5/28/2013

The gadget that lets you play with your pet anywhere in the world (http://www.dailymail.co.uk)
For office workers wondering what to do on a quiet afternoon, it could be the perfect way to keep yourself - and your pet - amused. A Ukranian firm has revealed the PetCube - a wifi connected webcam and laser pointer. Using a special app, users can control the laser pointer in their living room, and watch their pet's reaction to it.  more... 5/22/2013

San Jose Earthquakes launch live stadium construction webcam (mlssoccer.com)
There's a small mound of dirt and a handful of cars driving by an empty plot of land across the street from the San Jose International Airport, and beginning on Tuesday, you can now watch said dirt field, live and online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.  more... 5/22/2013

San Jose Earthquakes Unveil Live Webcam at New Stadium Construction Site (www.baysportsnet.com)
The San Jose Earthquakes flipped the switch on the club’s webcam at the site of their new stadium Tuesday, allowing fans the opportunity to view a live feed of the construction site or pan through archived images. The camera can be viewed at www.sjearthquakes.com/newstadium/webcam. The project features a StreamCam HD provided by EarthCam, the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services to businesses and government agencies. Both the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the San Francisco 49ers’ stadium projects have featured video feeds courtesy of EarthCam.  more... 5/22/2013

How a Webcam Became Broadcast Newsworthy (http://www.business2community.com/tech-gadgets/how)
With all types of television network coverage, radio broadcasts and live Internet streaming coverage for mainstream media outlets, it came down to a grassroots approach that gave Boston residents the consolation they needed in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. A Framingham, Massachusetts resident with a police radio scanner and a web cam helped neighboring areas get closure at the end of the harrowing week.   more... 5/20/2013

Odds are that your computer has a webcam. Even if your computer doesn't have a camera, your mobile phone definitely does. But that camera is good for more than just Snapchats and Skyping. Online commerce giants, banks, financial firms, and other sites are keenly interested in using webcams to reduce fraud--they believe that if they can visually identify their customers, credit card fraud will be reduced. One British company, Facebanx, believes they can make this part of daily Internet life. Facebanx's CEO, Matthew Silverstone, is offering websites and others backend software that compares a livestream of a person's face to an image submitted to the company. Companies using Facebanx's software are required to alert users their webcams are being activated, and users voluntarily submit their images to the companies. In the United Kingdom, Facebanx is being used for pilot projects which will reduce insurance premiums in exchange for account holders submitting to image verification as shown in the video below.  more... 5/13/2013

Airman, deployed to Afghanistan, spots family on Scottish webcam (myfoxtampabay.com)
Webcams are pretty standard these days; just about every tourist attraction has one. Fortunately for Air Force Staff Sergeant Dan Corman, there's even a webcam at the Eilean Donan castle in Scotland. Dan is from Valrico. But he and his family are stationed in England. Right now, he's deployed to Afghanistan, 4,000 miles from his family. His wife Nicole and daughter, Avery and Ansley decided to take a trip to the Eilean Donan castle to get their minds off of Dan's deployment. So the day they were supposed to be there, Dan got online, looking for fun facts about the castle. "I got to their website, reading up on it, and noticed they had a link for a webcam overlooking the grounds," he told FOX 13 via Facetime. "And I clicked on it."  more... 5/7/2013

Watch Your Domino's Pizza Being Made On Live Webcam (adage.com)
Domino's customers can already track the progress of their pizza orders with Domino's Tracker, but now some can watch them being made live via a webcam, too. In a pilot program being launched today, Domino's has added a live video feed to Tracker, so that customers at a store in Salt Lake City, Utah, can watch pizzas being made from scratch.  more... 5/1/2013



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