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How I Used a Webcam to Break My Bad Habits and Make Better Decisions (lifehacker.com)
We all have our bad habits, whether it's nail biting, eating poorly, or something especially embarrassing. Wanting to stop should be enough, but our brains are unfortunately wired to take a large amount of comfort in our vices. We've shared plenty of tricks to kill unwanted behavior, but I found nothing helped until I convinced myself that I needed to change. And all I did was talk to a webcam.  more... 9/24/2012

New technology allows vital signs to be checked via webcam (medicalxpress.com)
OxeHealth, set-up by the University's technology transfer company Isis Innovation, is working on software that will detect a patient's heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation even in artificial light without the need for any physical contact or additional hardware. The firm, spun out of Oxford University's Institute of Biomedical Engineering, will receive up to £500,000 in funding from IP Group.  more... 9/24/2012

Upcoming Space Station Cameras Will Give All Humans Live Imagery Of Their Houses From Space (popsci.com)
An ambitious effort to broadcast real-time streaming video of Earth from space is closer to reality, after a new influx of cash and some new partnerships. By spring 2013, everyone on Earth will be able to watch the planet from the most unique vantage point ever built, the International Space Station.  more... 9/18/2012

Pet adoption agency in California allows people to play with cats via webcam (39online.com)
Some cats love to play. Some cats don't. But what do you do if you've got too much pussy and not enough people to play with it? You go online! Best Friend Animal Society in Los Angeles, California is going high tech with a website that allows users to log on and play with the cats via webcam. The camera zooms in and out and controls toys inside the room.  more... 9/13/2012

Size up your body using a webcam: New ‘virtual tailor’ technology enables users to map their body pe (dailymail.co.uk)
Finding the perfect fit of clothes is never easy, especially when shopping online. But for those of us who are tired of 'guesstimating', there may be a solution. UPcload, a German startup, has developed a program that uses a Webcam to get accurate measurements of the body so next time you're shopping online you can avoid buying ill-fitted attire that you only have to end up sending back.  more... 9/11/2012

9/11 Anniversary: One World Trade Center Being Rebuilt Through Time-Lapse [VIDEO] (idigitaltimes.com)
Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks that brought down the Twin Towers in New York City, and to commemorate the event, Earthcam has released a time-lapse of the rebuilding of One World Trade Center. Earthcam, which is known for having its cameras in some of the best locations on earth, has had its cameras focused squarely on the rebuilding of One World Trade Center since February 2010. The video, as you would expect, shows the slow but steady process of rebuilding One World Trade Center up until September 2012. Earthcam shows the building process not only up-close, but also shows how the tower is looking across the Hudson River to show its place among the rest of the New York City skyline.  more... 9/10/2012

Abbey Road webcam is huge hit for Beatles fans (liverpooldailypost.co.uk)
A WEBCAM set up outside the Abbey Road zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles on their iconic album cover has proved a huge worldwide hit. Although the crossing is on a busy North London thoroughfare, traffic regularly grinds to a halt several times an hour as visitors and tourists re-enact the album cover scene of the Fab Four processing across the road. Now, thanks to the day-and-night webcam, the zebra crossing can be viewed in real time by the whole world on the Abbey Road Studios website. As well as mimicking the well-known album cover, people can regularly be seen waving, singing to the camera, or holding up messages for their friends in other countries to see.  more... 9/7/2012



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