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Color-Blind Artist Neil Harbisson Uses Webcam-Like Eyeborg to ‘Hear’ Color (theworld.org)
When you walk into the produce section of a supermarket, you see yellow bananas, red peppers, green spinach. For Neil Harbisson, though, it’s all shades of gray. He’s color-blind. Harbisson, who’s half-Irish and half-Spanish, is also an artist. And with the help of a high-tech headset, he can “hear” color. The headset is essentially a webcam that hangs over his forehead like a third eye - it’s called an eyeborg. It was built for him by a British technology expert, Adam Montandon.   more... 3/1/2012

New phone technology may give voice to deaf in real-time (edmontonjournal.com)
Getting heard isn't easy when you're deaf. Changing a doctor's appointment, ordering pizza, dialing 911: all are next to impossible without hearing. But Edmonton's deaf community hopes Canada's telecommunications regulator will change that. Linda Cundy provides a concise summary of the debate over mandating the national adoption of a Video Relay Service - an interpreter and webcam phone system - after an 18-month trial for approximately 300 Alberta and British Columbia households ended last month, at a cost of over $3.2 million.  more... 2/20/2012

Sturgeon Webcam Reaches Worldwide Audience (wboc.com)
The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Horn Point Laboratory near Cambridge is using an underwater webcam to show off a rare species of fish. Atlantic sturgeon have boney plates on their backs called "scoots," which give them a prehistoric look. Erin Markin, who is a faculty research assistant at the lab, said the sturgeon first swam in the ocean as dinosaurs roamed the earth.   more... 2/16/2012

Webcam goes live to monitor pair of rare peregrine falcons nesting in city (thisisnottingham.co.uk)
A WEBCAM monitoring the nest of a pair of rare peregrine falcons in Nottingham goes live today. Notts Wildlife Trust and Nottingham Trent University set up the round-the-clock camera last year to allow people to get a bird's-eye view of the nest on the university's Newton Building. It was viewed more than 250,000 times. A new high-definition camera has now been installed so that viewers will be able to see the nest in better quality over the internet. Grant Anderson, university environmental manager, said: "We are delighted that the falcons keep returning each year. It has been a superb partnership between the university and Notts Wildlife Trust ensuring they are safely protected whilst they visit us. I'm delighted that the public can again enjoy online what will hopefully be another successful brood."  more... 2/14/2012

Go Play With the Real-Life Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots You Control Online (gizmodo.com)
Ro-Bros, the latest "digital physical mashup" game from the genuises at the Real Art Design Group, lets you control real-life robots in a fight to the death. It's Real Steel meets Rock 'Em Sock 'Em meets why-are-you-still-reading-this-go-play-already. The newest project from the designers who brought you the Santa Claw pits the Barely-Believeable Bot and the Almost-Autonomous Robot in a ferocious battle controlled by players all over the world. The bots aren't computer graphics - they're real-life bots built by Real Art and filmed with a webcam for your delight and pleasure.  more... 2/7/2012

Can a panda-cam save endangered species? (latimes.com)
For philanthropist Charlie Annenberg Weingarten and his organization Explore.org, cute videos of baby sloths or kid goats on a trampoline do more than make us feel good. They can help save the planet. The website of the Santa Monica-based organization features a series of live webcams and short films about endangered animals, including polar bears, beluga whales and reef fish. It has just launched its newest webcam initiative, the panda-cam, as an effort to familiarize the world with these critically endangered creatures and inspire efforts to rebuild their destroyed habitat.  more... 2/6/2012

DARPA Invests In Megapixel Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses (popsci.com)
The augmented reality future we were long ago promised has been slow to come around, perhaps restrained most by the basic biology of our own eyes, which are unable to properly see detailed images placed very near the pupils. But via technology developed in part with a certain government agency, Washington-based Innovega has created a unique contact lens technology that allows the eye to focus on images projected very close to the eyes as well as objects in the real world beyond.  more... 2/2/2012



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