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Webcam consultations may happen for rural patients (dailymercury.com.au)
ILL and injured patients in rural Queensland could consult their doctors using a webcam on their computers in the not too distant future. And regional patients in disaster situations could avoid evacuation if skilled specialists can help via video link-ups to isolated communities. But, for now, regional Queensland healthcare providers are excited about being able to admit patients to their doctorless hospitals again, instead of shipping them off to the nearest facility with a medical clinician.  more... 7/29/2013

Seven Decade-Long Experiment Catches Tar Dripping For First Time (redorbit.com)
Set up by Ireland’s Trinity College in 1944 and Australia’s University of Queensland in 1927 - a very specific event had never been witnessed before. Even an attempt to catch it with a webcam in 2000 failed because of an equipment malfunction. It represents the world’s longest running experiment. If you’re thinking “get to the point!” then you might know the frustration of observers who have been watching for the climax of a seven-decade experiment - a single drop of highly viscous tar pitch falling from a funnel into a glass jar below. And last week, it finally happened. Tar pitch is a hard organic material that can shatter when hit with a hammer, but can have liquid properties under certain conditions.  more... 7/22/2013

Webcam captures Lincoln community centre build (niagarathisweek.com)
Residents can have a front row seat to the construction of the town’s new community centre - from the comfort of their own home. A webcam has been installed at the project site and takes six-megapixel photographs of the construction every 15 minutes. Photos from the webcam allow the viewer to pan the construction site and can be combined to compose a time-lapse photo journal of the project.  more... 7/19/2013

The royal baby monitor webcam goes live (examiner.com)
The royal baby is fashionably late as millions around the world are on pins and needles to get a glimpse of the future King or Queen of England. So, what to do in the meantime? The Sun obliged on July 17 by setting up a camera right across the street from St. Mary's hospital in Central London, which will act as the royal baby monitor until the moment arrives when the world will see the next heir to the British throne for the very first time.  more... 7/18/2013

A light touch! Incredible time-lapse video captures the lighting of the 555-foot-high Washington Mon (dailymail.co.uk)
While the Washington Monument is closed for earthquake damage repairs over the next year, 488 lamps will restore the marble tower's glow each night on the National Mall. As the spectacular sight is being been constantly captured by EarthCam's webcams, the company has also created a striking time-lapse video of the lighting of 555-foot-high national landmark. The striking footage shows the scaffolding climbing the obelisk from top to bottom, erected by workers with a head for heights.  more... 7/15/2013

Webcam keeps eye on pregnant Atlanta panda (wtop.com)
A pregnancy is generating around-the-clock interest and even a webcam. But we're not talking about the baby expected any day now by Britain's Prince William and Duchess Kate. This is a case of panda-monium, at the Atlanta zoo. Zoo officials say Lun Lun the giant panda is expecting her fourth cub, and panda experts believe Lun Lun is near her due date.  more... 7/11/2013

See the View From the Top of the Washington Monument in Real Time (dcist.com)
After the great earthquake of 2011 rattled D.C.'s buildings and nerves, the Washington Monument was shuttered for repairs. This meant that brave tourists and bored locals were no longer able to make the journey to the top of the obelisk to see the view of the National Mall. But now, thanks to EarthCam and the National Park Service, that 555-foot perspective is once again available digitally.  more... 7/10/2013

UFO over Brooklyn on 4th of July? (openminds.tv)
A couple in Brooklyn, New York noticed a UFO in the sky during the 4th of July fireworks display. The witness and his girlfriend were watching a live stream of the fireworks on their TV, provided by the EarthCam network of live streaming webcams. And at approximately 9:20 p.m., they noticed “something strange” floating in the sky.   more... 7/10/2013

Could ants research from UEA scientists be key in fight against cancer? (eveningnews24.co.uk)
This shows a live feed video or our captive leaf-cutter ant colony. Note, the lights go out at night time and the camera is moved when the tanks get cleaned out so if you can't see anything come back later! Click here here to see leaf-cutter ants tending their fungus gardens (Currie lab, Wisconsin, USA)  more... 7/10/2013

Watch Pickett's Charge live through webcam July 3 (www.pennlive.com)
If you can’t make it to Gettysburg, you can still watch the action of Pickett’s Charge through a streaming webcam furnished by the National Park Service and EarthCam.The live views will be available from 3-4:30 p.m. July 3 through a webcam atop the Nicholas Codori barn south of Gettysburg on the east side of Emmitsburg Road.  more... 7/1/2013



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