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Friday, March 6th, 2015


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Police urge businesses to invest in high definition security cameras (wsbt.com)
Help us help you is the message South Bend Police have for local businesses. Police are urging shops and stores to have at least one high definition security camera. A message of encouragement was posted online. Ali Oesch own's Ali on the Boulevard in South Bend. She says, "It's a great idea that they let us know because without the information and without educating business owners we have no idea." She's been at the Jefferson Boulevard location for more than a year. Her business has a variety of security cameras. Oesch says, "We have one that's really good high quality and you can really zoom in and see. It's nice and I like it a lot. I think it was a good investment."  more... 3/6/2015

UFO Captured Hovering Over Eiffel Tower In Webcam Video (inquisitr.com)
The Eiffel Tower appears to be a lightning rod for UFO sightings. In October, for example, an entire “fleet” of UFOs was seen buzzing the famous monument in Paris, France. Now, a sharp-eyed observer watching the Eiffel Tower via webcam has spotted another strange anomaly in the sky. What do you suppose this one is? A defect in the video? A cloud? A flat-out fake? Or is there something to this UFO sighting? Something very strange.   more... 3/3/2015



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