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Promoting your page

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MyCam Page provides easy-to-use tools to promote your new webcam.
You can market your business, extend awareness of your community project or just have fun sharing your view of the world.

Generate Revenue

You may add a "PayPal Donate" button that allows visitors to donate money to you using your PayPal account.

Increase your exposure

Add your page to the EarthCam search engine. Being the world's favorite webcam portal, we receive hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday.

Visit our search to see all the different webcams around the world.

Promote your cam on other websites

Easily create a live webcam widget to add to other websites, including MySpace, Facebook, or your blog.

Create a network of webcams

Exchange links with other MyCam members and generate traffic to your website.

If you find a webcam you enjoy in our search, add a "favorite" link to it on your page.

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