Weather Code Instructions

What is a weather code?
A weather code is the 4-letter international code used to report local weather conditions.

Why do I need to add my weather code?
The weather code will allow you to display the current weather of your location on your webcam page.

How to find your weather code:

Step 1
Go to
(this will open in a new window)

Step 2
For United States users: Select your state from the United States Weather drop-down menu. Click "Go".

For International users:
Select your country from the International Weather Conditions drop-down menu. Click "Go".

Step 3
Select your nearest airport (or location) from the drop-down menu labeled "Select a location". Click "Go".

Step 4
In the upper section of the page, there will be a string of text and numbers in bold text. Look for a 4-letter code in parentheses.

For example, the full weather code for Kennedy International Airport in New York City appears as follows:
(KJFK) 40-38-19N 073-45-44W 9M.

The part you need to copy is this: KJFK.

Step 5
Copy these 4 letters into the "Weather Code" box on the Webcam Information page.

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