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How do I setup my Axis207 or Axis207W from behind a router for use with MyCam Page?


1. Download the Axis IP Utility version 2 from here: http://www.axis.com/techsup/software/iputility/

2. Run the utility and find the local IP of your network camera. Record this IP and use it in the next step.

3. Log on to your router (which is probably located at and set port 7080 to forward to the IP address that you recorded in step 2. Make sure you save this setting once you are done.

4. Go to http://www.whatismyip.org to find out the public IP address of your router. Record this IP address and use it in the next step.

5. Log on to your My EarthCam account and go to the MyCam Page Designer. Under Webcam Setup you are going to change the first option to IP network camera. In the textbox that appears below you are going to type the following: http://ROUTER_IP:7080/jpg/image.cgi where ROUTER_IP is what you recorded in the previous step. Make sure you save these settings once you are done.

6. Go to your MyCam Page. You should now be seeing an image from your new camera. You do not have to run the WebCam Plus software on your computer to use your IP camera.



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