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I want to buy a webcam.


EarthCam sells both consumer- and professional-level IP (Network) cameras from a variety of manufacturers. These webcams use a unique IP address - just like your computer on your home network, that lets you view your camera over the Internet.

You can shop for the consumer IP Network cameras that EarthCam sells here.

Many webcam manufacturers offer cameras that connect to a computer using a USB port on your computer.

Whether you choose an IP camera or USB webcam, we recommend you read the manual for your model carefully and follow the instructions. You will download software and/or drivers to your computer that enable the webcam to work with your computer.

Also note: To add a webcam image to your personal EarthCam web page using an IP Webcam, you will need to provide the URL (or link) where your webcam image resides. If you are a USB webcam user, you can use EarthCam's Webcam Plus software to get the streaming image to your page.



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